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The Discreet Charm of the Vampire

"I live in many countries, many languages, many cultures. I always find myself in the interstices, in places of passage. It's the only way of acting in this boring life." These sentences are taken from a singular (and most interesting) novel, The Dracula's Diary by Marin Mincu.

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Vol. 1 No. 26
A Stillborn Genesis!
Vol. 1 No. 8
The Filthy Little House of Voodoo

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Interview: Yuna Kagesaki
Japanese manga artist and creator of Chibi Vampire (Karin) Yuna Kagesaki made her first visit to an American anime convention at Sakura-Con 2008 in Seattle, Washington. At two panel appearances, Kagesaki-sensei answered questions from panel moderator and TokyoPop Senior Editor Lillian Diaz-Pryzbyl and also answered questions from her fans in the audience.

Get your teeth into Transylvania
"Would you consider putting that mad lamp with the naked man in the corner?" David Mlinaric, the doyen of interior decorators, has come to Transylvania. Jessica Douglas-Home, champion of Romanian culture, shuffles a 19th-century ambassador's uniform to the appointed position.

The Power of Fantasy
On Thanksgiving Day 1996, Roderick Ferrell, 16, from Murray, Kentucky, led a pack of kids to Eustis, Florida, where he killed the elderly parents of a former girlfriend. Ferrell had lived in Eustis for a year and had then returned to Kentucky, where he'd gotten involved with a fantasy role-playing game called Vampire: The Masquerade.

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I was never fond of Mezco's "living dead dolls" line (a bit too creepy, even for my tastes), but now that a Dracula version is on the horizon, I've had a change of heart. Based on the Universal monster, this new doll looks like Bela Lugosi, if he were turned at about age ten.
Rumors are abound in regards to Underworld 4. So far it has been confirmed on IMDB that Underworld 4 is going to be shot in 3D and be released in September 2011. However, Screenrant.com is saying it will be released as early as January 2011. We will have to wait for official word in order for this to be determined.
September 19, 2007 (Yahoo! News / Bucharest, Romania) -- Lawmakers began debating Wednesday whether the Transylvanian fortress commonly known as Dracula's Castle was legally returned to an heir of Romania's royal family and whether he is allowed to sell it.

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Blood Rites
Blood RitesReview by The Princess of Cups, submitted on 28-Oct-2001 BLOOD RITES by Elaine Bergstrom, Jove Horror, December 1991 ISBN 0-515-10728-X, PB, $4.50, 332 pages Bergstrom's BLOOD ALONE was reissued in October as a Halloween promotion. Her fourth novel will be out in October of 1992, but my information didn't say if this would also be a vampire book.
BloodwalkReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 28-Oct-1997 A version of this review will appear in The Vampire's Crypt 17 (Spring 1998). Lee Killough. BLOODWALK. Comprising BLOOD HUNT and BLOODLINKS. Decatur, Ga.: Meisha Merlin, 1997; ISBN 0-9658345-0-6; $14.00.
Book of the Kindred
Book of the KindredReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 2-Nov-2001 A version of the following review will appear in The Vampire's Crypt 14 (Fall 1996). Mark Rein-Hagen et al. Book of the Kindred. Clarkston, Ga.: White Wolf Publishing, 1996; ISBN 1-56504-869-5; $9.95/$13.50.