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The modern idea of the vampire is open to many different possibilities. What defines a vampire? And where did these traits come from?

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Who's Who in the Vampyre World
A compilation of actor, writer and director biographies of those involved in vamp books and movies. Continually upadated and expanded.

Vampyres (1855)
VAMPYRESpublished in Harper's New Monthly MagazineVolume 10, Issue 59, April 1855Pages 681-685

A Biography of Vampira (Maila Nurmi)
When an image enters the popular imagination, its origins can become difficult to trace. How many people can name the silent film in which a heroine was first tied to railroad tracks by a snarling evildoer? Or the western in which a lock-jawed hero first told the bad guys to Reach for the sky!?

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Good article over at CNN with Christopher Lee, commenting on the sore state of modern horror films. I have to agree with him, true suspense has been replaced by over-the-top torture porn. Garbage. He also discusses his upcoming film, "The Resident," his first film for Hammer Films in over 30 years.
January 29, 2008 (Curierul National) -- Archduke Dominic of Habsburg declared Wednesday in an interview given to NewsIn that he did not intend to associate the Bran Castle in the f
Screen legend Lauren Bacall, one of the coolest, sexiest and just plain awesome actors of her generation, recently had this to say about the movie "Twilight":

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Night of the Dragon's Blood
Night of the Dragon's BloodReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 26-May-1997 A version of the following review will appear in The Vampire's Crypt 16 (Fall 1997). William Pridgen. Night of the Dragon's Blood. Palatka, Fla.: Hodge & Braddock, 1997; ISBN 0-9636512-6-9; $24.95. (Hardcover)
Empire of Fear, The
The Empire of FearReview by Count Duckula, submitted on 24-Jan-1992 Title : The Empire of FearAuthor: Brian StablefordPublisher: Carroll & Graf 1991ISBN# : 0-88184-742-9 The Empire of Fear is not only a novel of vampires but also an alternative history novel. For those not familiar with this genre, a few words of explanation are provided.
Blood Rites
Blood RitesReview by The Princess of Cups, submitted on 28-Oct-2001 BLOOD RITES by Elaine Bergstrom, Jove Horror, December 1991 ISBN 0-515-10728-X, PB, $4.50, 332 pages Bergstrom's BLOOD ALONE was reissued in October as a Halloween promotion. Her fourth novel will be out in October of 1992, but my information didn't say if this would also be a vampire book.