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Allan Menzies, 22, used to view the vampire film, Queen of the Damned, over and over and over. He admitted that he had obsessively watched his "queen," Akasha, more than 100 times. His fixation on her and his beliefs about how this cruel vampire stepped out of the role and into his life to barter for his soul eventually turned deadly.

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Vol. 1 No. 33
The Flintstones Meet Frankenstein and Dracula
Vol. 1 No. 8
Architecture & Morality, Part Eight

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Monsters from the subconscious
As a Horror writer I've been often and pointedly been asked why I write this stuff. It's not ever said directly, but it's always there: Is there something wrong with you? In my own defense, quite a few people enjoy reading this same stuff and even more get a thrill out of watching it on the big screen. Just to hazard a guess, I'd say most people have in their life read a horror book or seen a horror movie. The question then becomes: What's wrong with us?

Feminism, Twilight and the End of the World
Today I did a persuasive speech in my speech class on why everyone should be on Team Jacob instead of Team Edward, complete with pictures making my case. MLIT. -- from MyLifeIsTwilight.com

Vlad Dracula: The Real Prince Dracula
Yes, there was a real Dracula, and he was a true prince of darkness. He was Prince Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad Tepes, meaning "Vlad the Impaler." The Turks called him Kaziglu Bey, or "the Impaler Prince." He was the prince of Walachia, but, as legend suggests, he was born in Transylvania, which at that time was ruled by Hungary.

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April 10, 2007 (Firefox News / Megan Herrell) -- Tanya Huff, author of the best-selling Blood Books novels upon which Lifetime’s new show “Blood Ties” is based, very graciously gave of her time to answer questions about her book, share insight into her characters and talk a bit about the show. A very big thank you goes out to Ms. Huff for her time. “Blood Ties” airs Sunday nights at 10 PM on Lifetime.
August 10, 2008 (The Independent / Ian James) -- At least 38 Venezuelans have died as a result of a suspected outbreak of rabies spread by bites from vampire bats. Laboratory tests have yet to confirm the cause, but the symptoms point to rabies, say researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and other medical experts.
October 18, 2007 (Maghull and Aintree Star / Ed Casson) -- People are being urged to don spooky outfits and complete a charity run. The Jospice Dracula Dash is a four-mile route starting and finishing at Asda in Aintree.

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Dracula: The Vampire Legend on Film
Dracula : The Vampire Legend on FilmReview by Baron Gideon Redoak, submitted on 1-Jan-1992 Dracula : the Vampire Legend on Film (cover title: Dracula : The Vampire Legend, 70 years on Film) Key West, Florida : Fantasma Books, [c1992], ISBN: 0-9634982-0-7 $12.95. Paperback, but oversized.
Gang Approval
Gang Approval
Review by Carl KimlingerJuly 6, 2007 Canon radiates solid quality from its no-frills vampire mythology to its stolid mid-90's shoujo artwork. It touches most of the right bases for a supernatural drama, and if it doesn't excite right off the bat, that's more because it's too busy establishing itself than because of any inherent limitation.