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Understanding porphyria: no vampires here

Many of the world's myths and legends have some basis in fact, which is why they are perpetuated through the centuries. In one case, the idea of a race of nefarious monsters-specifically, vampires-may actually have sprung from a very real and potentially deadly disease that affects thousands of people worldwide.

Drawn to Vamps?

Vol. 1 No. 40
Conjure Night!
Vol. 1 No. 46
Monster Times V.1 N.46 March 1976

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Mercy Brown (United States)
Within Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Newport, Rhode Island lies Mercy Brown, a young girl who died on Jan. 18, 1892. Her gravestone had been inscribed "Killed by Vampyres."

The World Dracula Congress
Just over a week ago, I arrived back from my second visit to Romania, this time to attend the first World Dracula Congress. As this Congress was such a major event and has received so much media attention world-wide, I thought I would provide a synopsis and an evaluation.

The Monster of Dusseldorf
A necrophile, rapist, and killer, Peter Kürten targeted almost any vulnerable person. His mild manner charmed women and children alike, and in his confession, he claimed that he got his start when a neighbor taught him how to torture animals. He learned to stab them to death while he was raping them.

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The marketing team of HBO's True Blood, are pure genius. Since the beginning of the show, the trailers, teasers, posters, and websites keep fans on the edge of their seat. It draws them to the website daily for any bits of news that they are willing to share.
August 16, 2007 (Anime News Network) -- Japanese actress Koyuki, known for her roles in the live-action TV drama series Ikebukuro West Gate Park and Kimi wa Pet, as well as in The Last Samurai (alongside Tom Cruise), is joining the cast of the upcoming live-action Blood: The Last Vampire feature film.
June 19, 2007 (Skullring.org) -- Subterranean Press is preparing to release a collection of Mike Resnick's short stories, all of which feature Teddy Roosevelt as you've never seen him before.

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Twelve, The by Justin Cronin
 No one expected Justin Cronin to sink his teeth into a post-apocalyptic vampire novel. He was an award-winning author of quiet literary fiction when he drafted a story so compelling and frightening that he landed a $3.75-million, three-book deal.The trilogy began in 2010 with "The Passage," a 784-page runaway bestseller, one of the few books that could boast of billboards on Sunset Boulevard. "The Twelve" is second in the series, but even the most devoted fans may notice a bit of a sophomore slump.
Vampire Armand, The
The Vampire ArmandReview by Harriet Klausner, submitted on 10-Nov-1998 THE VAMPIRE ARMAND by Anne RiceKnopf October 1998; $26.95 hardcover;ISBN 0-679-45447-0
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