Dark Shadows : The Original Series - A Synopsis

Dark Shadows aired on June 27, 1966. It was on the air through 1971 and comprised over 1200 episodes and two full length movies. While on the air the series was continually at the mercy of the ratings. As a result it constantly tested the bounds of what had been done before on T.V. and what was considered acceptable.

Dark ShadowsDue to the extreme number of episodes and plot lines this synopsis will not go into full detail. Those aspects of the show which follow its supernatural nature will be concentrated on. The Dark Shadows Companion has been a great help in creating this.

Episodes 1 - 300

Dark Shadows began with the arrival of Victoria Winters to the Collinwood estate, hired as the new governess for the Collins family. Having been raised as an orphan she is convinced that a key to her past lies with this family in Collinsport, Maine. She soon finds that the Collins family is far from normal. Her ward, David, is a constant trouble and has a developing interest in the occult. For the first couple of months the plot centers around attacks on Victoria's life and the grudge between the Collins family and businessman Burke Devin. Things remain pretty much like any other soap. Nothing happens out of the ordinary until episode 70. With failing ratings Dan Curtis decides to go out with a bang. While playing in the Old House David discovers Josette's portrait, and subsequently her ghost. In addition, after being locked (by David) in the closed off section of Collinwood Vicki encounters the ghost of Mallory, a recently murdered character.

The plot proceeds with the hunt for Mallory's killer and Vicki's past. The murderer, Matthew, takes Vicki captive and hides her in the Old House. David is convinced by Mallory's ghost to help her. Josette's ghost appears and protects Vicki when Matthew tries to kill her. He soon dies from fright after being visited by Mallory's ghost.

Now that the murder has been solved the plot shifts. Laura Collins, Roger's wife and David's mother, has returned to Collinwood to get a divorce and custody of David. This is bewildering to all, as Laura supposedly died in a fire in Phoenix, AR. Even more so when it is discovered that her body was positively identified in the remains. It is then revealed that Laura is a phoenix, but the family doesn't know this yet. The Collins family gradually gather clues. After tracing Laura's maiden names through women who appear to die every hundred years a psychic investigator, Guthrie, is called in. Guthrie discovers that Laura has some sort of powers but is unsure what she is. He decides to conduct a seance to contact Josette and expose Laura. Guthrie is killed by Laura. The seance goes ahead as planned. Laura makes her move to destroy David and herself in flames. However, Vicki has been warned by Josette's ghost and she saves David.

Having survived more trials, Dark Shadows is again plagued by ratings problems. The supernatural was called on again to save the show, this time with a vampire. Willie Loomis, a drifter, had been introduced briefly already in the series. Willie was fascinated with the portrait of Barnabas Collins and the legend about a secret family treasure. While searching for the treasure in the family crypt he discovers a chained coffin, the perfect place to hide jewels. Unfortunately when he opens the lid a hand emerges, grasping Willie firmly about the neck. Thus is introduced Barnabas Collins.

Barnabas assumes the identity of a cousin from England and "arrives" at Collinwood. A weakened Willie is found at the Blue Whale, with puncture wounds on his wrists. He is diagnosed as suffering from blood loss. Barnabas gains permission to move into the Old House, with Willie as his servant. Barnabas sees a resemblance in Maggie to his lost love Josette. He devises a plan intended to recreate Josette. After several night meetings with Barnabas Maggie becomes weaker and is hospitalized. Everyone thinks she dies, until her body disappears. She is in fact being held captive by Barnabas. To protect himself, Barnabas switches the blood samples Dr. Woodard took from Willie. Maggie eventually escapes through the aid of Sarah, the ghost of Barnabas' nine-year-old sister. Maggie suffers from a memory loss and has reverted to her childhood. She is found by Sam and Joe and secretly sent to the Windcliff Sanitarium. Her doctor there is Julia Hoffman. Barnabas has now switched his intentions to Vicki, hosting a costume ball to get Vicki in Josette's dress. At the party a seance is held and Vicki goes into a trance. Josette speaks though her.

Meanwhile, Julie Hoffman has been probing into Maggie's mind. She finds, under hypnosis, that Maggie is deathly afraid of the name Barnabas. Julia decides to go the Collinwood to find the answers, posing as a visiting historian. While at the Old House she notices that Barnabas casts no reflection. She returns to find Barnabas in his coffin and offers to help him find a cure. Dr. Woodard and Burke start to become curious about Barnabas. At the same time Sarah helps Maggie escape. She stumbles into the Blue Whale and collapses. Julia is then forced to hypnotize Maggie to cover her memory of Barnabas. However, Barnabas has come to the conclusion Maggie must be killed. When he attempts to do this he is stopped by Sarah's ghost. Barnabas' plans are in doubt when Vicki decides to marry Burke. Therefore, Barnabas decides that Burke must be destroyed.

Episodes 301 - 600

Anxious to be with Vicki/Josette Barnabas urges Julia to hurry with the cure. Julia has however become highly enamored of Barnabas. Meanwhile Burke continues to investigate Barnabas, to Vicki's disapproval. Sarah starts to show up often. She shows David the secret room in the crypt and leaves her shoe in Maggie's room. All attempts by Barnabas to talk to her prove fruitless. He becomes afraid that she will expose him. David is locked in the secret room when he hides there from Barnabas and Willie. Barnabas knows Sarah talks to him and is afraid that he knows the truth. Sarah helps David out of the room and Burke arrives before Barnabas can do anything. David does, however, start to have nightmares about Barnabas.

With Maggie's memory returning she is once again a threat. The police shoot an intruder outside her bedroom, only to discover it is Willie. Barnabas has decided to frame him for Maggie's kidnapping. Dr. Woodard diagnoses Willie as mentally unsound.

Barnabas has now switched to scare tactics with David. However, the boy sneaks into the Old House and finds the open coffin. Julia manages to stop Barnabas from killing him. David's story has caused a search to be conducted of the Old House by Burke and Dr. Woodard, it turns up nothing. Unfortunately, Sarah has been talking to Dr. Woodard. He confronts Barnabas and later steals Julia's notebook, containing the specifics of Barnabas' condition. Julia is forced by Barnabas to help kill Woodard. The death is made to look like a heart attack.

Vicki becomes distraught when she learns that Burke's plane has crashed without survivors. Barnabas takes this opportunity to get closer to her. However, Julia is jealous and hypnotizes Vicki so that she finds Barnabas very unattractive. Growing impatient Barnabas forces Julia to hurry the cure. As a result he ages to his true age of 200 years. Carolyn coming to check on David's story sneaks into the Old House. The aged Barnabas catches her and puts the bite on her, which causes him to return to normal, and with a new slave. Carolyn catches Julia hypnotizing Vicki and Barnabas is furious. He swears to kill her. Julia saves her life by blackmailing Barnabas with her notebook, which she has given to Tony Peterson for safekeeping. Carolyn attempts to steal it but is caught. Barnabas starts to play mind games with Julia. Sarah visits her but will not help her. Sarah tells Barnabas that he must be "good". A seance is held to determine if David is telling the truth. While it is going on Vicki disappears.

Vicki has been transported to 1795. She meets Barnabas before he became a vampire. There is a striking resemblance between the old and new Collins families. Jeremiah, Barnabas' uncle, agrees to help Vicki get hired as the new governess. Josette's maid, Angelique, arrives. She has her own plans for Barnabas. When his fiancee arrives (Josette) Angelique uses witchcraft to cause Barnabas to nearly choke to death. She then uses her witchcraft to turn the Collins servant, Ben Stokes, into her slave. She casts a spell causing Jeremiah and Josette to fall in love.

Millicent Collins, a family heiress, arrives. When Jeremiah tries to leave town, Angelique turns Barnabas' father Joshua into a cat. Natalie suspects there is a witch but believes it is Vicki. She urges Barnabas to hurry with the wedding. Before it can occur Jeremiah and Josette run off together. Unfortunately, it does not change Barnabas' mind. Natalie and Joshua's sister Abigail find Vicki's charm bracelet and are convinced she is a witch. Jeremiah and Josette return. Barnabas challenges Jeremiah to a duel, which he wins by mortally wounding Jeremiah. Abigail has meanwhile solicited the aid of Rev. Trask, a fanatic who supposedly reveals witches. Barnabas and Nathan hide Vicki in Collinwood, which is under construction. Upset by events Angelique takes it out on Sarah. She promises to cure her if Barnabas will marry her. Jeremiah, who has been in a coma, dies.

Barnabas now agrees to marry Angelique. As an added incentive, she has enlisted the aid of Jeremiah's ghost. Barnabas is disinherited for his wedding plans, but is given the Old House as a wedding gift. Vicki tells Barnabas she is from the future. Ben is caught by Abigail and confesses his part. Thinking Vicki is in the Old House Rev. Trask exorcises it. Angelique causes Vicki to run out of hiding into the Rev's waiting arms. She is put in jail. Ben is forced by Barnabas to reveal Angelique. Barnabas tries to kill her but she threatens to kill Josette. When Barnabas shoots Angelique she believes she is dying and puts a curse on Barnabas. A giant bat is sent to him. When she doesn't die she regrets this and tries to save Barnabas. Josette believes Vicki is the witch and implores her to help Barnabas. Unfortunately, Barnabas dies anyway. Angelique does not want him to revive as a vampire so she goes to stake him. He rises and kills Angelique.

Sarah sees Barnabas and follows. When he finds his first victim she is terrified and runs away. Ben later finds her in the cemetery. She has contracted pneumonia and dies in Barnabas' arms. Feeling remorse Barnabas tells Ben to put a stake through his heart. The spirit of Angelique returns and prevents this. She then summons Josette and Barnabas nearly bites her. In a short time he can no longer hold back and bites Josette, the subsequent strange behavior of Josette does not go unnoticed. Joshua discovers that Barnabas' coffin is empty.

To stop Barnabas' plans at having a vampire bride, Angelique calls Josette to Widow's Hill and causes her to fall to her doom. The witchcraft trial of Vicki begins. Barnabas decides to revive Josette but is shocked by her disfigured face. She wishes to return to death. Barnabas moves his coffin to the Old House basement but is caught by Abigail, who dies from fright. Vicki is accused of being responsible.

During Vicki's trial Ben tries to tell the truth, but Angelique shows up to testify. Vicki is sentenced to hang. Barnabas knows that Trask is responsible for this. He kills a woman and puts her in Trask's bed. He later forces Trask to write a declaration of Vicki's innocence. After which he bricks Trask up in the Old House basement to die.

Meanwhile, Joshua has discovered Barnabas' coffin and decides he must destroy Barnabas. Millicent is bitten by Barnabas. Joshua brings in a good witch, Buthia Mapes, to help Barnabas. Unfortunately, she goes up in flames with a little help from Angelique. Vicki escapes from jail but is wounded. Nathan tells Naomi that Barnabas is a vampire. She takes poison and dies as she tells Barnabas that she forgives him. When Barnabas finds out it was Nathan who told her he plans to kill him, and does. Joshua finds he is unable to destroy Barnabas so he chains his son in the coffin to protect the Collins name. Vicki is hung. Peter vows to someday find her. When the hood is removed Vicki is gone, replaced by Phyllis With. Vicki has returned to the present.

Barnabas is now afraid that Vicki learnt of his condition in the past, so he bites her. He is terrified to learn she has bought a portrait of Angelique. Barnabas convinces Vicki to marry him. Before this can happen though Vicki wrecks the car they are in, when she sees a Peter look-alike. In the hospital, Barnabas is exposed to sunlight and learns he is partially cured due to a blood transfusion. The hospital doctor, Lang, has an assistant who looks just like Peter Bradford, Jeff. Vicki believes he is in some way Peter and calls off the wedding. Dr. Lang plans to finish the cure and give Barnabas Jeff's physical features, by transferring him to a body made of human parts.

Roger arrives with a new bride, Cassandra. It becomes obvious to Vicki that she is actually Angelique. Angelique renews Barnabas' curse with a dream curse, passed on to whoever it is told to. Cassandra kills Lang. Julia plans to finish his experiment but when she does the results are not right. Barnabas is still alive, but the creature comes to life, as Adam. Adam gradually matures and learns to talk. Barnabas has Sam age the portrait of Angelique, and Cassandra ages as well. Cassandra has it stopped by blinding Sam. Willie taunts Adam and he escapes. After he tries to kill Barnabas, Barnabas decides to kill Adam. Adam kidnaps Carolyn but is later captured. He is put in jail but escapes. He saves Carolyn from leaping off Widow's Hill, and then jumps himself. He is not killed however. Julia and several others hold a seance to contact Trask in the hopes he can stop Angelique. Trask is set on revenge with Barnabas however. He holds a mock trial with Barnabas' 1795 victims and finds Barnabas guilty. When Julia sees Josette's ghost she realizes what has happened to Barnabas. He has been walled up in the Old House basement. Julia and Willie save him.

Meanwhile the dream curse has ended, because Sam dies before he can relate it to anyone. Trask is finally successful in exorcising Angelique. However, Warlord Nicholas Blair arrives, posing as Cassandra's brother. He searches for her and eventually brings her back. Cassandra raises Sam so that he can tell the dream to Vicki. Barnabas tries to help her by listening to the dream. He survives it but is then attacked by a bat and is believed to be dead. Julia discovers that Adam is alive and knows Barnabas is because of the link they have. Stokes and Julia save Barnabas, who is still human.

Nicholas learns that Julia brought Adam to life. He befriends Adam. When Cassandra tries to kill Adam, Nicholas is upset and takes her powers away. Cassandra confesses to Barnabas but he refuses to forgive her. Adam is upset that Carolyn doesn't like him and demands a mate for him be made. Vicki decides to marry Jeff but Adam kidnaps her. Nicholas brings Angelique back as a vampire under his control. When Adam starts to get testy, Julia agrees to make him a mate. Tom is killed by Angelique, and returns as a vampire. He attacks Julia who then stops the experiment. Barnabas comes to the rescue and stakes Tom, although the coffin is later missing. Willie tells Nicholas how Adam was made and Angelique overhears. She bites Jeff and uses him to start the experiment, intending to resurrect herself. Vicki calls off her wedding because of Jeff's strange behavior. Barnabas manages to stop the experiment but is beaten around by Adam for it. Maggie's memory of Barnabas starts to return.

Carolyn now volunteers to be the life-force for the next experiment and Julia begins. However, something goes wrong and Carolyn dies, but the body disappears. She later reappears in full health. Danielle Roge is summoned by Nicholas to serve as a life force for his own experiment. As it happens she was a very nasty person from the 18th century. Danielle's body, Adam, and the new Eve all disappear afterwards. Eve appears to tell Nicholas about her hatred for Adam.

Episodes 601 - 900

Barnabas plans to kill Eve, so Adam hides her in Nicholas' basement. When Barnabas goes there he finds Angelique waiting. He is bitten by her and is put under her spell. However, Nicholas forbids her from seeing Barnabas without his permission. Joe is rejected by Angelique and tries to kill himself. When Barnabas takes him to Julia they discover bite marks on his neck. Nicholas sends Eve on a trip to the past to meet Peter Bradford, who she is in love with via Jeff. Unfortunately, Peter does not feel the same way. Nicholas proposes to Maggie but is turned down.

Barnabas is ordered to poison Joe by Angelique. Joe in turn tries to strangle Barnabas. Julia discovers that Peter has been bitten and tries to lock him up, but he escapes. Angelique tries to run off with Barnabas, but he escapes and is found by Vicki. It appears that Angelique has been getting around when Julia finds that Adam too has been bitten. Nicholas decides to destroy Angelique, but he cannot find her, the coffin is empty. It appears that Angelique got wise and moved it. She sends Eve back in time to 1796 to find Peter. Peter is in jail, waiting to be hung. He refuses aid from Eve but gives her a note just before he dies. Eve returns and gives the note to Jeff, who then calls off the wedding with Vicki and goes to Peter's grave. When he digs it up he finds it empty. Adam kills Eve. Chris Jennings arrives, mistaken by some for his brother Tom. Angelique takes a field trip to the Netherworld to discuss some things with Diablos (a.k.a. Satan). She tells him of Nicholas' love for Maggie. Subsequently, Diablos orders Nicholas to sacrifice Maggie in a Black Mass. Vicki learns of these plans so Nicholas calls up Tom Jennings to stop her. He is destroyed by Barnabas.

Adam tries to revive Eve but is stopped by Barnabas. Around this time Nicholas is believed destroyed by a fireball. Adam kidnaps Vicki in order to try once more at the experiment, but he fails. Jeff discovers that he is indeed Peter Bradford. Jeff and Vicki are married but Jeff fades back to the past. Amy, Chris' sister, moves into Collinwood. David shows her a phone (disconnected) where she talks to Quentin Collins. David and Amy then hold a seance to contact Quentin. Meanwhile, another seance is held so that Vicki can contact Jeff. David and Amy are possessed by the ghosts of Quentin and Beth Chavey. They then try to kill Roger. As a result, a psychic medium, Janet Findley, is brought in to investigate. Unfortunately, the children trap her and she dies of fright when Quentin pays a visit to her. Jeff stops by the present one more time and takes Vicki to the past with him (in reality the actress was pregnant). Maggie takes over as governess.

Following several shadowy appearances, Chris transforms into a werewolf and attacks Joe. With many strange things occurring Barnabas decides to take the children to Boston for awhile, for safety. Joe starts having vampire and werewolf dreams and is put in Windcliff Sanitarium. There is evidence that Vicki wants to return to the present and that she dies in the past. Barnabas decides to time travel to save her. Angelique offers to help in the past, but changes her mind. Vicki is saved when Barnabas torches Angelique. Barnabas has himself chained up in his coffin and is revived in the present by Julia and Willie.

All this while Liz was believed to be dead; actually she was paralyzed in her coffin (the actress was doing a play). After she senses Carolyn is in danger, attacked by the werewolf, she revives. One of Carolyn's friends visits Chris and is killed by the werewolf. Chris is jailed for the murder, but is released when Barnabas provides an alibi. Chris confides in Barnabas. The ghost of Quentin recognizes Chris as his descendant and tries to poison him. David is punished by Maggie and gets very upset, he vows revenge. When Barnabas finds a child's coffin with a pentagram in it he calls in Ezra Raithwaite for assistance. Ezra realizes who Quentin is but dies of fright. Chris is protected on the next full moon by Barnabas. David is punished for not following Quentin's orders. Quentin starts to be a very annoying ghost and the family abandons Collinwood. David sneaks back in and ends up in a coma. Barnabas attempts an I Ching trance, to contact Quentin, but ends up in 1897.

Barnabas uses the same line of being a cousin from England, but Quentin is suspicious. Quentin has been trying to get his grandmother, Edith, to reveal the family secret. She realizes that Barnabas is the secret. Edith dies and Quentin has her will stolen. Barnabas finds another Josette look alike in Rachel. Quentin and Evan Hanley hold a ritual in order to obtain aid in dealing with Barnabas. They get Angelique. She puts Rachel under a spell and Barnabas must then get a amulet from the gypsy Magda to protect her. Everyone is shocked when they learn Judith, the house mistress, is Edith's only beneficiary.

Previously Quentin had married Jenny, but his eyes roamed. He ran off with his brother's wife, Laura. Leaving his pregnant wife at home. She has twins, a son and a daughter. Since Jenny is considered to be insane the children are taken away and Jenny is locked in the tower room. Quentin returned later.

Now Jenny escapes and attacks Rachel. Judith tries to hide Jenny, but she escapes when she hears Quentin's music. Jenny stabs Quentin and leaves him to die. Angelique is summoned by Barnabas to help. He is resurrected as a zombie, possessing Jamison. When he starts misbehaving a ceremony is performed to try and bring things back to normal (or Collinwood's equivalent). Rev. Gregory Trask attempts to exorcise Quentin from Jamison's body. When things work out, Trask thinks he is responsible. Barnabas bites his daughter Charity. Laura Collins now returns to Collinwood. Much to Quentin's anger, since he saw he burnt on a pyre in Egypt (the phoenix returns). He tries to kill her and is injured. Angelique offers to help, but only if Barnabas marries her. Laura is warned by Rachel about her children's treatment at Rev. Trask's school. When he refuses to return the children to her the school catches fire.

Quentin tries to destroy Laura's source of supernatural power. Laura calls on the god Ra for aid. Clues gather for the rest of the family about Laura's true nature. She admits to returning for the children. It has decided by Quentin and Barnabas that they must destroy Laura. However, she has already sent Jenny to stop them. During a struggle, Quentin kills Jenny.

It turns out the Jenny was the daughter of Magda, a gypsy witch. She places the werewolf curse on Quentin and his descendants. Not realizing that she had grandchildren by him, who are also cursed now.

A character names Dirk, who works for Laura, finds a diary in the grave of Ben Stokes. Laura learns from it that Barnabas is a vampire and plans to destroy him. Quentin attempts another ceremony intended to destroy Laura. Ra is again called on by Laura in order to destroy Angelique. Laura has written a letter to Judith describing Barnabas' condition. Barnabas manages to destroy it after attacking Dirk. Laura attempts to take the children into the fire with her, but she is destroyed by a spell Angelique's casts.

Quentin now devotes his time to the werewolf curse. When Barnabas cannot get any straight answers he bites Beth, she becomes his slave. Barnabas is told by Magda about a possible cure for Quentin, but Barnabas has his own problems. When Dirk reveals his secret Barnabas attacks him, he later rises as a vampire. Dirk tries to get Barnabas to bring Angelique back to life, but then Edward stakes Dirk.

Enter Count Petofi. A powerful, yet eccentric, sorcerer. Petofi had suffered as a werewolf and had killed the last unicorn in grief. In addition, for killing one of them, the gypsies severed his hand, where his power was centered. It now travels the earth in its own box. Magda returns after a long trip with a mysterious, bearing the box. Carl sees Barnabas enter the mausoleum and is trapped there by Quentin. Barnabas rises and kills him Carl. Barnabas later finds his coffin chained up and with a cross on it. Trask is now on Barnabas' trail and attempts to use Charity to trap him. Trask marries Judith and reveals to her Barnabas' secret. Magda uses the hand of Petofi in an attempt to cure Quentin.

However, the werewolf is caught in an animal trap and the hand stolen by Evan. Judith has now come to the opinion that she is Minerva, Trask's recently deceased wife. Minerva's ghost is raised by Trask and Evan. Judith is "persuaded" to commit herself. Aristede, a new character addition, forces Quentin to relinquish the hand to him. Quentin then goes to Angelique for help. Unfortunately, Angelique attempts a cure but fails. A gypsy, Julianha?, persuades Barnabas that she can cure Quentin, if the hand is returned to the gypsies. Aristede captures Quentin and threatens his life if he doesn't give Aristede the hand. Julianha is found dead. When she is contacted through a seance she refuses to help Quentin and curses Magda. When Magda's loved ones start to die she tries to destroy the hand.

A new character appears, Victor Fenn-Gillons. Magda and Quentin soon discover that he is in fact Count Petofi, come for his hand. Petofi devises a cure for Quentin. Charles Delaware Tate arrives to paint Quentin's portrait. He has been given a power by Petofi. Instead of Quentin turning into a wolf his portrait does, it also gives the effect of immortality. Through a few plot manipulations Petofi is reunited with his hand. Count Petofi tries to extort the secret of time travel from Barnabas. He chains Barnabas in his coffin. Quentin manages to release Barnabas. Magda is placed on trial by the gypsies. Quentin now appears to be fully cured, but Petofi has made a deal with Edward to trap Barnabas.

Back in the present, Beth's ghost appears and explains to Julia how Quentin dies. Julia travels back to 1897. Julia agrees to stay and cure Barnabas, but she is taken hostage by Petofi who wants the I Ching wands used in time travel. Barnabas manages to rescue her. He and Angelique make a deal to destroy Petofi. Lady Kitty Soames arrives, and surprise, she looks just like Josette. Before this can be expanded on, Barnabas is staked by a possessed Charity. His coffin is sealed in a cave. Petofi discovers that he needs a body in the future to time travel, so he begin manipulations to possess Quentin. Julia is called back to the present. Angelique is warned about the mind switch.

Now it is revealed that Barnabas was not killed (he actually took a vacation). It was only a double created by Angelique. In fact, he is human again (Julia's cure worked). Kitty is becoming aware that she is Josette and goes to Barnabas. Angelique is forced to tell Petofi how she created the double. Petofi attempts to time travel but is called back. Quentin manages to reverse the mind switch and orders Aristede to kill Petofi. Judith has returned, fairly sane, with the knowledge that Trask is after the family wealth. She has him bricked up in Quentin's room. Though the effects of several sub plots, Petofi is destroyed in the burning studio of Tate. Kitty fades into the past and Barnabas does likewise. Josette believes that he has betrayed her and kills herself.

Barnabas is captured by the Leviathans, a Lovecraftian race of ancient beings. Barnabas is returned to the present with the task of finding a suitable couple to raise a Leviathan child. There are two new inhabitants of Collinsport, Philip and Megan Todd. They run a local antique shop. Megan is given the box containing the essence of the Leviathan leader and the Leviathan comes to live with them. Paul Stoddard now appears, Carolyn's father. The book on the Leviathans is stolen by David. Paul realizes that the Leviathan's want Carolyn, due to a deal he had made with them years ago.

Episodes 901 - 1245

Evidence of the Leviathan child comes when Carolyn hears loud, and strange breathing coming from the baby's room. Due to his success before in the series, Quentin is brought back. While taking a drive Barnabas hits a man who mysteriously looks just like Quentin. The man claims to be Grant Douglas, but Julia believes him to be Quentin. Meanwhile the Leviathan child has aged rapidly into a little boy, and is introduced as Alexander. The Leviathan's gain control of Liz and Paul realizes who Alexander is. Julia attempts to restore Grant's memory as Quentin, but to no avail. Julia discovers that Harrison Monroe is in fact Charles Delaware Tate. Alexander ages further and is now introduced as Michael. Barnabas is ordered by the Leviathans to kill Julia, but tries to bring her into the group instead. Paul escapes from Collinwood and goes to the police. Chris goes to Tate in the hopes that he can cure him by painting his portrait. Olivia Corey reveals that she is actually Amanda Harris and tells of a pact she made in 1897. In order to survive she must get Quentin to remember. Julia discovers that Angelique is back. She is married to Sky Rumson and wants nothing to do with the Collins anymore.

Michael traps Maggie in a secret passage and orders Megan to kill Philip, but Barnabas stops her. Michael is ready to transform into the next stage but he is having second thoughts. Barnabas decides to help Paul and saves him when he is attacked. When Julia shows Quentin his 1897 portrait his memory returns. It was gone due to damage to the portrait. Amanda and Quentin try to escape the mysterious Mr. Best but their plans go awry and Amanda is buried alive. The sheriff investigates the antique shop but only finds Jeb Hawkes, the fully grown Leviathan child. Jeb believes it is Barnabas who has betrayed him. Julia realizes who Jeb is and confronts Barnabas. To Barnabas' rage Jeb proposes to Carolyn. Barnabas then goes to Angelique and begs her for help.

Jeb hides Maggie in a crypt, with Sheriff Davenport (who he has raised from the dead). A Leviathan follower arrives in town, Bruno. Sabrina attempts to cure Chris with a special flower. As it turns out the only thing which can harm a Leviathan is a werewolf. Jeb gets edgy when he finds out there is one near. Bruno tells Jeb that Sabrina can identify the werewolf. Jeb's true nature is revealed to Carolyn in a dream. The werewolf attacks, but doesn't kill, Jeb. Barnabas prevents Jeb from learning who the werewolf is and conducts a seance to contact Josette. Philip attempts to steal the Leviathan box, but is caught by Jeb. Due to Barnabas' treason against the Leviathans, Jeb decides to punish him. Barnabas is bitten by a vampire bat, a becomes once more a vampire. As revenge, Barnabas sets fire to the antique shop. Julia agrees to try and cure him again. Nicholas Blair returns to town to help the Leviathans, whose plans seem to be going wrong. Barnabas makes Megan his servant. Angelique discovers that her husband is a Leviathan. Quentin saves Maggie from Barnabas.

Without a husband, and just a little bit peeved, Angelique returns her sights to Barnabas. She casts a spell causing Quentin and Maggie to fall in love. Jeb decides he actually loves Carolyn and renounces his Leviathan ties. Because of this Blair punished him with a shadow which follows him everywhere, growing larger. A hanging man is seen in David's room. Bruno learns that Chris is the werewolf and orders Davenport to destroy him during the next full moon. He changes his mind and decides to get in good with the Leviathans by destroying Jeb. He tricks Jeb into getting trapped with Chris just before the full moon. Megan is attacked by Barnabas.

Jeb learns that Julia cured Barnabas once and has her kidnapped by an army of zombies, in the hopes that she can make him human. Nicholas warns Julia not to interfere. Zombies bury Quentin alive. Carolyn has a dream and learns that Jeb killed her father. Peter Bradford's ghost appears and threatens to destroy Jeb. Philip falls off Widow's Hill to his death. Angelique vows to destroy Jeb. Carolyn and Jeb are married.

With failing ratings a new twist to time travel is tried, this time sideways in time. Barnabas discovers a room in the closed off east wing which looks into a parallel universe. Julia informs Barnabas of Stokes' theory of parallel time. Carolyn learns about the shadow which is stalking Jeb. To protect Chris, Sabrina tries to kill Bruno. Bruno takes her hostage and sets a trap for Carolyn, trapping her with the werewolf. Angelique finally agrees to help Jeb, if he kills Nicholas. The shadow curse is transferred to Nicholas and he is killed by it. Sky vows revenge and pushes Jeb off Widows Hill, unfortunately he was human enough to die. Barnabas observes the parallel universe for a time and decides to enter, in the hopes that he will be cured of vampirism.

In the parallel universe things are different. Julia is a housekeeper in league with Angelique and Barnabas never became a vampire. When he enters he is still a vampire though and attacks Willie Loomis' wife Carolyn. Willie, who is an author (of the history of Barnabas Collins no less), traps Barnabas and learns everything. He chains Barnabas in a coffin. The newlyweds Quentin and Maggie return to Collinwood. Quentin's first wife, Angelique, is dead and his son is David. David decides to drive Maggie away, he believes his mother is going to return. Angelique's twin sister Alexis arrives. Scientist Cyrus Longworth is experimenting with the good and evil sides of people. Maggie leaves Collinwood out of jealousy of Alexis. Bruno thinks Alexis is Angelique and tries to dig up her grave but is stopped by Quentin. Cyrus tests his formula with Jeckyll/Hyde effects. A seance is held to contact Angelique. As a result Sabrina believes Angelique was murdered. Hannah Stokes informs Bruno that Angelique's spirit is at Collinwood. Quentin and Alexis come to the opinion that Angelique isn't at rest. Collinwood is haunted by the ghost of Damion Edwards. Under the influence of his potion, Cyrus becomes John Yaeger and flirts heavily with Buffie Harrington, the Blue Whale barmaid. Bruno tries to kill Alexis, believing she is Angelique.

Angelique comes to life and kills Alexis, taking her place. Damion's ghost warns Quentin he'll die by hanging. Angelique tries to get rid of Damion's ghost. Gladstone finds out about Cyrus/Yaeger and blackmails him. Daniel becomes mesmerized by Barnabas' portrait. Joshua Collins spirit warns there is an evil spirit at Collinwood. Yaeger discovers a passageway to the Old House basement and finds Barnabas' coffin. Will stops him from opening it but is bitten by Barnabas, who"arrives" posing as an English cousin. Quentin is suspicious of him. Angelique reveals to Hoffman who she is and performs voodoo on Quentin. Angelique brings Maggie back to Collinwood hoping to dissolve her marriage with Quentin. Angelique kills lawyer Larry Chase, using his body heat to survive. Buffie is bitten by Barnabas and become becomes his spy. Maggie is driven to suicide but Liz stops her from killing herself. Barnabas confronts Angelique. She goes to her father Timothy Stokes for help. Yaeger kidnaps Maggie.

Barnabas returns briefly to normal time. He talks to Julia then returns to parallel time to save Maggie. Yaeger kills Sabrina and tries to kill Maggie but Barnabas saves her, killing Yaeger/Cyrus in the process. Julia arrives just in time to stop Hoffman from staking Barnabas. She kills Hoffman and takes her place. Julia discovers how Angelique is staying alive. Barnabas and Julia find Stokes secret lab. Quentin is framed for Angelique's and Bruno's deaths. Angelique panics when Barnabas takes a life force from the secret lab. Angelique tries to get Barnabas' secret out of Will, but he jumps from the tower room to his death. Barnabas manages to partially revive the life force (a.k.a. Roxanne Drew).

After various events Angelique finds out who Julia is. Roxanne comes fully to life, killing Angelique as a result. Barnabas bites Roxanne and later rescues Julia. However, Roxanne dies. Barnabas is distraught over Roxanne's death. Collinwood is set on fire by Stokes. Julia and Barnabas return to normal time, but the year 1995. They find Collinwood deserted. Carolyn is insane and living in a beach shack. She is convinced that the family will return. The sheriff warns Barnabas and Julia to leave. Barnabas and Julia see David's ghost. They are warned of danger by Quentin. Gerard's ghost appears to Quentin and Julia. Quentin believes Prof. Stokes is responsible for Collinwood's disaster. Barnabas finds out Carolyn is dead and discovers her description of the destruction of Collinwood. The sheriff is killed by Barnabas.

Julia and Barnabas manage to return to the present by using a stairway through time. It is learned the Daphne (who appeared as a ghost in the future) was the 1840 governess. Her and Gerard's graves are found. Liz consults an astrologer after learning about the future. Stokes niece, Hallie, is found dressed in 19th century clothing. A west wing playroom is discovered by David and Hallie. Daphne's ghost appears to Quentin and he discovers her diary. Daphne tries to kill Quentin but he convinces her not to. The spirit of Tad Collins speaks through David. Barnabas meets Roxanne Drew, who is identical to the parallel time Roxanne. A dollhouse is found by David and Hallie. The dolls look like them in 19th century clothes. They destroy the dolls but discover them back in the dollhouse. Their 1840 counterparts are seen in the playroom. It is learned that the stairway used by Julia and Barnabas was made by Quentin. David and Hallie's 1840 counterparts motion them toward the staircase but it disappears. Gerard's ghost menaces David. Liz is warned by Sebastion that the stranger in her future may not be alive. Gerard possesses Liz and appears to David and Hallie.

Maggie collapses and Julia discovers bite marks on her neck. Barnabas convinces her that he was not responsible. Julia prepares to give Maggie a blood transfusion. After Carolyn sees Gerard she is possessed by Letricia Faye. Barnabas and Julia decide they must get David and Hallie out of Collinwood. However, Gerard leads David to the real Rose Cottage (a.k.a. the dollhouse). David and Hallie are possessed by Tad and Carrie. They conduct a ceremony to bring Daphne and Gerard back to life. The newly risen Daphne talks to Quentin. She refuses to help Gerard come back so he sets fire to the Cottage with her in it. Carolyn (a.k.a. Letricia) stops him. Julia finds that Daphne is alive. Barnabas confronts Gerard. Willie discovers Maggie next to an empty coffin. The other vampire is Roxanne. Barnabas stops Sebastion from killing her and chains her in the coffin. Maggie is taken to Windcliffe. Sebastian announces Gerard will take control of Collinwood. Gerard kills the children. Julia travels back in time to 1840 by using the stairway.

Julia hides from the current inhabitants. She is saved from an insane Daniel Collins by Ben. Ben and Julia set Barnabas free, but he doesn't recognize her. Julia poses as Barnabas Collins sister from England. Barnabas and Roxanne decide to spend eternity together. Julia tries to stop him and Barnabas attacks her. The 1970 Barnabas possesses his 1840 body and saves her. Daniel gives Barnabas the Old House. Ben is shown the mystical head of Judah Zachery. Judah's powers kill Ben. The head also affects Desmond. Samantha is surprised when her dead husband Quentin arrives. He tells her that Tad is also alive. Daphne meets Quentin and decides that he is the man she is going to kill.

Lamar Trask uses Letricia's powers to discover what happened to his father, the Rev Trask. Desmond discovers the vault containing the body of Judah. Lamar's father warns of evil. Judah's escapes and kills Tim Blaikwater. Samantha tells Quentin that Tad is not his son and that she will stay married to Gerard. Julia tries to warn Daphne. Angelique discovers that Barnabas is free. Julia and Letricia try to rejoin Judah's head. Angelique warns Barnabas that she will turn Roxanne into a vampire. The jeweled mask of Judah is needed to reunite the head and body. The mask is found and the body revived but in a coma. A fire burns the body but the head lives. Angelique remembers Judah's original threats of revenge in 1692. Gerard hides Judah's head. With Charles Dawson's help Judah possesses Gerard. Barnabas meets Roxanne's brother. Angelique hides Julia in a abandoned lighthouse. Quentin reveals to Gerard his time travel theories. Gerard (a.k.a. Judah) tries to bring Edith and Daphne into the coven. Daphne admits she is the sister of Joanne. Barnabas rescues Julie and Roxanne rises as a vampire. Quentin is accused of being a warlock. Randall is killed after finding Judah's mask. Quentin is arrested for the murder. Gerard and Charles talk David into changing his will. Gerard convinces Angelique that Judah had possessed Quentin.

David suffers a stroke and dies. His sole beneficiary is Gerard. The constable's wife dies in Quentin's cell and he is now on trial for witchcraft. Samantha testifies that Quentin brought a spirit to Collinwood. Ben's diary is found and subsequently Trask's skeleton. Lamar bricks up Barnabas in the basement. Angelique realizes that Gerard may be Judah. Desmond is arrested and admits to having Judah's head. Prof. Stokes arrives from the future with information. Barnabas shows up mysteriously as Quentin's lawyer. Gerard has Mordenia Grimes killed to prevent testimony for Quentin. Daphne sees paralleled time in the east wing. Quentin is convicted but he and Desmond escape. Daniel's ghost killed Gabriel. Quentin and Daphne are trapped in the parallel time room but escape. Joanna forces Samantha off Widows' Hill. Daphne is put under a spell and marries Gerard. Quentin is sent back to jail and Barnabas goes to Angelique for help. Gerard takes away Angelique's powers. But she still stops the execution by arriving with Judah's head, freeing Gerard. Lamar shoots Angelique and she dies in Barnabas' arms. Julia and Barnabas return to the present to find everything back to normal, history had been changed.

That ends the normal story line and characters for Dark Shadows. The last plot line took place in the parallel time of 1841. Bramwell Collins (played by Jonathan Frid) tries to convince Catherine to marry him instead of Morgan Collins. Before Justin Collins dies he gives Morgan a letter describing the curse on the family. Morgan is put in charge of the lottery. A drawing to determine which of the family is to spend the night in the cursed room. If they come out sane the curse is broken. Bramwell abducts Catherine. It is discovered Melanie Collins has a mental disorder. She discovers Stella Young being held captive in the tower room, but Stella is stabbed and dies. With a memory loss Melanie is not for sure if maybe she killed Stella. Morgan and Catherine prepare to marry.

Bramwell loses his duel with Morgan, wounded in the process (he didn't fire his gun). Gerard Stiles and Kendrick Young find the secret grave of Stella. The family is warned during a seance that the lottery must take place. Melanie gets the plague. Gabriel Collins is chosen to stay in the room but escapes from Collinwood. Quentin comes down with the plague. Morgan returns Gabriel and he spends the night in the room. The next morning Morgan discovers a villagers dead body in the room in place of Gabriel. Justin's spirit warns the curse isn't over. Having gone insane in the room Gabriel attacks Kendrick. Bramwell tries to marry Catherine's sister Daphne but Catherine tries to stop them, to no avail. Catherine is pregnant with Bramwell's child. Catherine gets the next turn in the room but Morgan takes her place. He comes out insane, possessed by James Forsythe, the man who placed the curse on the family. The ghost of Brutus Collins haunts Morgan. Kendrick discovers Melanie has a split personality. Catherine admits she loves Bramwell and Daphne becomes suicidal. Julia is saved from Morgan by Quentin. Forsythe's spirit reveals why he cursed the family.

Daphne gets an undiagnosable illness. Brutis ghost traps Morgan and Julia in a secret corridor with two bodies. Morgan kills Gabriel. Josette Collins, Bramwell's mother, reveals to Melanie that she and Barnabas are her parents. Daphne dies. Melanie marries Kendrick but goes insane. The lottery is held again and Kendrick draws the slip. Morgan learns Catherine is pregnant. He traps Bramwell in the room and adds Catherine when he finds out the child is Bramwell's. She is temporarily possessed by Amanda Forsythe. Bramwell and Catherine banish the Brutus' ghost and break the curse. Morgan wounds Bramwell and tries to kill Catherine but Kendrick stops him. Melanie recovers. Two bite marks are found on Melanie's neck. Ben comments there may be a vampire around. However, the final voice over reveals that it was merely a wild animal loss on the estate.

So ends the original Dark Shadows series.

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As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia
A million fancies strike you when you hear the name: Nosferatu!N O S F E R A T Udoes not die!What do you expect of the first showing of this great work?Aren't you afraid? - Men must die. But legend has it that a vampire, Nosferatu, 'der Untote' (the Undead), lives on men's blood! You want to see a symphony of horror? You may expect more. Be careful. Nosferatu is not just fun, not something to be taken lightly. Once more: beware.- Publicity for Nosferatu in the German magazine Buhne und Film, 1922  

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