Like Water for Blood

Today I was reflecting on what I learned in the 8th grade. The science and energy teacher told us he had something written on the board behind the screen that would change our lives forever. He told us that this one statement 5 words long would touch just about everything in our lives. He asked if we were ready-stepped aside and raised the screen. On the board it read :

"There is no new water"

That was all. He asked us to think about the weight and depth of that statement. How it effected us personally and the world. He said "there is no new water being shipped in to our planet from anyplace, so what we have here is what we have here period." He told us that the sodas we drank today might have at one time been in the ocean. The ice in that soda might have been a part of another person's body or a tree. At the time, I was more grossed out than impressed or awed, and it made me feel a bit creepy.

The more life that gets behind me the more I realize how profound those words and what they encapsulate are. Just in the realm of biology the idea is far reaching. Nothing in nature can manifest for itself EVERYTHING it needs by itself. In fact if something sits idle with only what it has, it stagnates, becomes sick, or withers. It will use up the resources in its path and if nothing new is introduced it fails to grow as it could in potential.

We studied crop rotation, and how certain plants will use up certain things from the soil till they are gone, then a new and different crop has to be planted there to restore some of the things lost from the soil. We know that animals that migrate benefit from not over populating and depleting the areas they live in. Even in my pond, it is recommended that I do large water changes periodically to refresh the nutrients and that doing that causes the fish to grow larger and more healthy. Even when I give blood at the Red Cross it goes along with the `out with the old in with the new' idea. Living things need to have a consistent inflow of new things; experiences, information, stimulation, opportunities to grow and live fully up to their potential.

This can be applied to many things in human life and experience. We can see that man when he allowed certain new ideas and thoughts to take root in his mind excelled into industry and technology at an amazing rate. Things that were not even ideas or dreams are now realities. We inspire each other in all areas of life. Many things that an individual is incapable of doing themselves, are within reach when they are effected by another or others. Contact with these things is like a refresher for the mind body and spirit. Of myself, I can grow and experience to a certain point, but if I'm not `fed' by new things I will stagnate in my growth, failing to live up to my full potential. If I had only the people I was living near when I was a child in my life today and had never met anyone else, what would my life be like? What would I be like. Quite stunted in my growth I think.

Like the water, to expose myself to as much spiritual or mental, emotional growth as I can, I have to keep moving, come into contact with experiences and people different from myself. People will cycle into and out of my life , some only in it for a day, some many years, but for only as long as we need to be before our paths go in other directions and we have learned and experienced what we need from each other. Sometimes what they `add' to my life doesn't agree with me, and sometimes it motivates me to change or move in other directions. Like rocks in the path of a stream. Sometimes my own movement can change or effect the path of another person. If I let fear, jealousy, insecurity, or other things like that keep me from allowing myself to learn from those around me I'm shutting the door on my own growth, I'm not allowing new blood into my world. I have allowed these things at times in my life to hamper my experiences and I have paid for it.

All of these things are connected. Energy, Water, Blood, it all cycles, it refines. The energy I share with another person, passes from me to them to others and eventually back to me. When it returns to me, it has properties that I could not give it. I cannot manufacture all things for myself. It also has things added by me that are unique to me. Maybe these things that I pass along are needed by those I'm in contact with at the time. It is the collective energy from which we all draw and utilize.

I noticed during an exchange with someone that instead of my feeding them, or their feeding me, that the energy between us seemed to filter more and more and was more like a loop. It refined and condensed, almost became a bit brighter. As if all the unneeded `extra' was sloughed off leaving only the pure energy.

These things are apparent in the practices of all spiritual paths as well. Karma, Magick, Prayer all are harnessing and directing energy that will return to the whole and back to us. For each action there is a consequence of positive or negative, all things do come to a balance. Opening a door to some things comes with a price. Most basic beliefs in religions boil down to: `be careful in what you put out there, it will come back to you`. It can be in a positive way, or sometimes harmful. If you think of it in the realm of water, it would be like placing poison or nutrients into another person's pond that is connected to yours. There is often a collective effect to adding to or taking from the world’s energy field. Just as important is what the individual is adding, if it is a positive or negative, if they are allowing the energy to leave them with more than it came to them with, or if they filter or change what comes into them into a kind of ‘metaphysical poison’ to be let back out into the collective.

I often refer to the words in the St. Francis prayer about being a channel of peace, love, forgiveness and understanding. Practicing actions like these will contribute to the things I put out there into the world. And allow me to attract and draw into myself and my life the things that will insure my healthy growth in all areas of my life.

Also when I exchange anything with another person I will take on some of `them' in the process. Personality traits, memories and maybe in some cases a few of their primal traits or psychic abilities I am finding as well. When I lived apart from those that were Vampyric, my abilities in this area were slowed down, hampered, not all that they could be, though I truly didn`t even realize how much. I had nothing to compare to. I am finding that interactions with others like myself seems to enhance my gifts, we feed each other and grow together as sensitivities become more honed or awakened to new levels. It seems like with anything else, division of like kind leads to a level of weakness. But it does seem to only occur with those that are inclined towards the vampyric end for me in my experience. I do not see any empathic sense, for instance, awakening in those that were not gifted that way before. Just as I never experienced any sudden awakening or activation of the need to sanguine feed by those that did not already have that essence in them, simply upon the sight or taste of blood. To me it seems that those that cannot feel psychic energy neither gain anything from interaction with me, and I do not gain anything from them. Sometimes it seems that even my explanations of what is happening leaves them confused and not quite sure what I am talking about, though it is easily understood by those that have experienced these things. It is one thing to understand above the neck the totality of energy and how it permeates all things, or even to refer to it as the "Divine within" in some circles, but to bring it into a deep understanding, or use and move it through a person's being is not anything that can be made to occur. Understanding of these things can`t be made to happen. A person understands or doesn`t. Maybe we are all built to different ends and those that cannot channel or cycle or even understand these things simply have not tapped into it. Perhaps they are unaware of what goes through and around them yet. Not to say that I have always had this sense, I have not. In fact I kept myself quite sequestered for a very long time from things that had anything to do with the paranormal. Telling myself it wasn't real and didn't matter. Spiritual concepts are hard to grasp, much less blend into who and what we are. Logic has a strong voice, and reason is comforting, other things are far more subtle.

We are all at our basic physical structure largely made of water, it comes into us in various ways, is utilized and leaves us, We are made of this in our physical being. Energy is the blood and water of our spiritual being, and like water, comes to us, is utilized and leaves us constantly. We need it just as our physical being needs water for our survival. This is not just for the vampyric, but for all things. Perhaps this is why we seek situations where we can feel the energy of those around us, maybe even why we are drawn to some and repelled by others. We are in a way, allergic to how their energy makes us feel or how it effects us, just was the wrong blood type can effect our physical being as well. These things are the channel from where many spiritual, mental, emotional and physical things can cross.Almost like a portal between people. Substance passes over.  Always, there was in the back of my mind that idea, of what I saw on the board in that classroom. There is a silent undercurrent in life, all things are a part of it and benefit from it in ways that they may never understand or accept. What we add to the collective whole of the energy we use makes a difference in the lives of those around us, and in what comes back to us.



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