'Moonlight' to include more vampire mythology

November 26, 2007 (SyFy Portal / Alan Stanley Blair) -- Along with some of the other fall season start-ups, "Moonlight" had a tough time finding its feet. Between its less-than-ideal ratings and the departure of showrunner David Greenwalt, the series looked like it was in for a few problems. Since then, however, "Moonlight's" viewership has stabilized and is only now beginning to tell the kind of stories the series wanted to tell.

And a major part of these stories includes the vampire mythology that every child has grown up with. According to actor Alex O’Loughlin, upcoming episodes of the series will see more from the twisted relationship between Mick and ancient vampire Josef (Jason Dohring), and more than a few appearances of the old ones -- that is, the vampires of ancient times.

"Yeah, there are certainly plans to do that," he confirmed to The TV Addict. "That relationship, because it was pre-established ... Josef and Mick’s relationship is established early on, and they’re great, that’s the way things are. Little pieces of information are released along the way more and more. You’re going to get more pieces of information, the whole how we met and that storyline, we don’t touch on until we come back, but there’s portions of it that come out in the storyline that have to do with Coraline and things that are going on with Beth.

"So you will learn more. I think you’ll be satisfied with everything, the way we’re wrapping it up."

But what are the chances that "Moonlight" will be back for another season? Well, O’Loughlin hinted that the show will deliver a big enough punch for its season finale that fans of the show won’t rest until they see what happens next. And even if the show is cancelled, no one will be left disappointed by the ending.

"Oh people are going to be totally satisfied," he said. "People are going to be salivating, for 'Moonlight' to come back, and that’s what we’re going to deliver because we don’t plan on not coming back."


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{Beware the bottles marked[Drink me]---Mick St John}

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