Vampire fantasy teen in court on damage charge

October 14, 2008 (The Courier-Mail / Tony Keim) -- A teenager who tried to kill her pet dog so she could drink its blood and become a vampire has been accused of trashing her mum's Ipswich home. Kayler Rose-Maree Scott, 18, appeared before Ipswich Magistrate's Court on Monday morning charged with wilful damage. Scott was arrested over the weekend for allegedly smashing 15 windows of her mother's home.

In the same court last month, Scott pleaded guilty to trying to slice open the family pet with a shard of glass in a bid to satisfy her desire to become a vampire.

On September 8 prosecutor John Nelson told the court Scott confided to police she intended to kill her pet but the glass was not sharp enough to cut the dog deeply.

Sergeant Nelson said the attack on the animal occurred during a heated argument between Scott and her mother.

The court was told Scott then reportedly yelled words to the affect of: "I want to see blood and I don't care whose blood it is!"

Scott pleaded guilty to one charge of animal cruelty at Eastern Heights, 40kms southwest of Brisbane, on August 21.

She explained that she wanted to be a vampire and that was the reason behind the attempt to kill her pet pooch.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum, who initially remarked that she thought she had heard it all, placed Scott on 18-months probation, with a condition she get psychiatric or medical help.

Yesterday Scott appeared behind the secure Court 1 dock on the damage charge wearing the same blood-red top she has worn during past court appearances.

She was bailed on condition she had no contact with her mother and will reappear on November 3.



*shakes his head* seriously,

*shakes his head* seriously, how messed up must you be to think actually drinking blood will turn you into a vampire? I just don't get how teens can get so involved in this sort of fantasy scenario.

~rolls eyes~ Pathetic

Tisk Tisk, ~rolls eyes~ children. How can anyone confuse our reality with a fantasy myth such as drinking doggy blood to turn you. I do not think any human being understands, nor knows the truth in the matter behind whom, what and how Vampyres are. If the media portrayed the real us, or at least had an had an honorable exposay, I am to wonder if anyone would be as so keen to believing it. Hmmm ~thinks on the matter~ What a strange creature is man....

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