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I <3 Vampires reality web show begins second season

While speaking with some of the local teenagers at the convention at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky, they mentioned about this on live reality vampire web series. It's on Take 180.com and it's called “I <3 Vampires” and it awakens for Its Second Season. After hearing only part of this uhm..interesting new wave of vampire fandom- online web series. Please read their press release below that was provided in their website.

According to the website- Original Broadcast Quality Web Series Unleashes New Episodes, New Vampires and New Audience Participation Challenges That Will Leave Viewers Screaming for More PRESS RELEASE BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Take180, the online network for teens that features broadcast quality shows with audience participation, is sinking its teeth into a new season of the popular Web series, “I <3 Vampires.”

As in the first season, viewers’ input will dictate the plot of the series and the fate of its stars. From blogging about Vampires to engaging in physical combat with the bloodsuckers, the new season will definitely put viewers in a fangish state-of-mind. Three episodes of the new season can be viewed today at http://www.take180.com/vampires. “Take180’s signature offering of broadcast quality shows with audience participation continues to gain momentum with teen audiences.” Season two picks up a year after the first season ended, bringing the popular characters back into the fangosphere.

A year ago, Corbin and Luci found out that their favorite book, “Confessions of a High School Vampire,” was more real than they ever could have imagined. Now the two are no longer friends and have broken up with their supernatural boyfriends, Nick and Wyatt. When Corbin finds out her vampire ex Nick is in trouble, it's up to her college roommate Sam to get the former best friends back together before it's too late. “I <3 Vampires is such a unique take on the genre because it makes the fans into the stars and really puts them in charge. The reaction to the first season was way beyond our expectations and the fans have been clamoring for more. Season two offers amazing fun and excitement for new and current fans alike,” said Chris M. Williams, General Manager of T180 Studios, the studio behind Take180.

“Take180’s signature offering of broadcast quality shows with audience participation continues to gain momentum with teen audiences.” The “I <3 Vampires” web series includes up-and-coming new stars Cherilyn Wilson, Adam Chambers, Alli Kinzel, Erin Way and Josh Nuncio. Wilson’s television credits include a recurring role on the CW network’s “90210,” a guest character role on CBS’ ‘Cold Case’ series and many appearances on the HBO-produced “12 Miles of Bad Road.” Today’s premiere episode also features YouTube’s #1 star, actor Ryan Higa.

Since the “I <3 Vampires” series launched last year, Take180 has accumulated more than 40 million video views to date, over 4,000 user-generated submissions to season one challenges, and its official YouTube channel recently passed the 100,000 subscriber mark, making it among the most popular teen programmers on the Web.

This writer's opinion: This will probably show my age..but watching teens act poorly, with terrible scripts is not my idea of the best show to watch. I love roleplaying, I do it myself but the episodes that the group showed me may not be the best..so I will watch a few more before I form a total opinion..but if I don't like something having to do with vampires..then those that know me will understand just how bad this web show actually is. So, please watch the show and comment.

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