Blood Ties A Crime Series with Bite

This week we will be looking at the Best of Vampire Television Shows.

The first one is Blood Ties, a supernatural series that aired on Lifetime Television from 2007-2008. It lasted 2 seasons with the last one only being a dozen episodes. The show is based on Tanya Huff's Blood Series.

Vicki Nelson, is a retired cop turned private investigator. She thinks her life is tough because she is slowly loosing her sight and can no longer do the job that she loves: that is until she has a brush with the supernatural and meets 470 year old vampire, Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII. They, along with her goth assistant Coreen solve supernatural crimes, many involving Incubi, demons, vampires,ghosts, etc. Her partner and former lover, Mike Celuci is not thrilled about this at all and is pulled into the action unwillingly. Throughout the show Vicki is torn between her love for Mike and her growing attraction to Henry.

Vicki is played by Christina Cox, who has made guests appearances in Earth: Final Conflict, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, and many more sci- fi shows. But her first vampire show was a a guest on Forever Knight- another television show that was canceled too early.

Mike is played by Dylan Neal, who has starred in Babylon 5, Stargate Atlantis and most recently as Hermes in the Percy Jackson movies.

Coreen is played by Gina Holden. She has had roles in Harper's Island, Flash Gordon, Smallville, and the upcoming Saw movie.

Henry is played by Kyle Schmid. He has had roles in The Covenant, Joyride and Smallville.

The series drew an audience of women between the ages of early twenties to late 30's, many times credited to the main character being an older strong female lead.

With the strong fan base, everyone was a shock when it was announced that Blood Ties would be canceled. Even now there are still petitions for the show's return.

Lynn, from Lexington stated that she enjoyed the show because there was finally a female lead in a vampire story that wasn't young and perfect. Vicki was strong and a very character that everyone could relate to. It's terrible that they have to cancel shows that are good.

The DVD's are on sale now. I found the local Wal Mart at the lowest price of just under $14. They are also available at and Barnes and Nobles.


Re: Blood Ties A Crime Series with Bite

I missed this one during first run, however I just picked up the DVD set.  It was actually pretty good, a better than average supernatural crime drama.

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