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Lugosi lives in new comic series

Horror icon Béla Lugosi returns from the grave to lend his name to a new horror anthology comic book series to be published later this year. Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave will be a full-colour comic featuring strange tales in the same vein as those presented in the old Warren and EC comic anthologies.  The creators behind the stories will be an eclectic mix of talent in and outside of the comic book genre, including Rick Baker and John Landis, and will be spearheaded by Editor/Creator Kerry Gammill ("Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos"), who aims to have the first issue on shelf this September.

Other names include Steve Niles, Mick Garris, Bruce Timm, Stiles White, James Farr, Brian Denham, Rick Klaw, Joe R. Lansdale, John Lucas, Rob Brown, Erik Gist, Neil Vokes, Robert Tinnell, Martin Powell, Larry Blamire, Frank Dietz and Terry Beatty.

Ideally, this series would have been produced decades ago when Lugosi could have actually profitted from using his name and likeness; instead, his son has authorized its use under "special arrangement" with Monsterverse, meaning I'm sure he got a nice chunk of change for doing so.  Good for him, I guess.

And, perhaps shamefully, I'll be picking up the first issue myself, 'cause I'm loving the cover art. ;)

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