Vampires Suck Trailer released, movie to premiere August 18th

Well, with Twilight's Eclipse blowing up the box office and the countless other vampire movies and show that are out , it was about time for a spoof of vampire movies to  hit the screen.

Vampires Suck will be poking fun at the three Twilight movies- Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, while adding in a few hits at Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga. But why these? Why not adding more of the vampire movies like Vampire Dairies, True Blood, and Daybreakers? I love all of these, don't get me wrong but why not add all of them for a more funny twist?

The directors are Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the previous writers of Scary Movie and director of Date Movie.

The trailer shows several scenes that Twilight fans will recognize:


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