You know HBO's True Blood is a hit when Snoop Dogg is rapping Oh, Sookie

You know that your show is a hit when it not only when it almost doubles the premier from last year, the DVD hits number one, and it's featured in The Wall Street Journal but when Snoop Dogg writes a song just for its main character then you know you have something powerful.

Earlier this year Snoop Dogg had mentioned in an interview that he wanted a part on the True Blood television show but Alan Ball had confirmed later that this was not going to happen. However, Snoop does not give up on what he wants and obviously he wants Sookie.

The video begins with the theme song playing as he pulls into Bon Temps and parks at Merlotte's Bar. There are background dancers that are dressed as Sookie and of course Snoop doing his pimp thing.

Some of the lines of the song are as follows:

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