Fright Night Film Festival Interview

Fright Night Film Festival is the 3rd largest genre film festival in the Mid America Region and the 3rd Largest Horror Film Festival in America. They are just barely behind the LA and New York shows. It is going to be in Louisville, KY the weekend of July 30th through August 1st.

I am excited about the event and thought that a possible interview with Ken Daniels the Founder and Producer of Fright Night Film Festival. Here is the interview:

Q. Who created this event? How did the idea come about?

A: I started it in 2005 after working other film festivals around the country. I am a life long film buff and aspiring filmmaker and decided to start Fright Night Film Fest after moving back to his hometown.

Q:What is the cost of the event and is there any special tickets that allows you access to different areas?

A.The cost before the show is $20 a day. $35 for the weekend and $90 VIP pass which of course allows you access to everything. We have 5 bands playing on Saturday which only costs $5 if that's all you want to do.

Q. What events are available with each tickets?

A. For $20 you can do all the events on one day. $35 dollars gets you the weekend pass to most everything. The VIP gets you into everything all weekend

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