Here are the winners for "Ask Kristen Bauer, Pam from True Blood a Question Contest"

Here are the winners and questions for the " Ask Kristen Bauer, Pam from True Blood a Question Contest".

 I was limited to 10 and tried to condense a few that were the same. I actually slid in an extra one hoping that she wouldn't mind so that there would be more of a range of questions for her to answer.

I want to thank everyone who submitted questions and these are the winning questions and answers:

  1. Petra di African wants to know, “If there was another role that you tried out for on True Blood, for example the part of Sookie, Tara, or Arlene. She also wanted to know if there was a role that she passed up to do True Blood.”
  2. Elizabeth Provenzano, 22 and is the Tulsa Books Examiner & Tulsa Horror Movie Examiner wants to know, “When you first got the part as Pam and you saw where season one was going, was there anything specific you were hoping to see in your character's story? A certain conversation, an encounter, was there anything you personally hoped would happen?" and Andrea Garzón M., 27,Bogotá, Colombia, continued with that question by asking, “If there are any challenges would you like to do in the future of the show, or if you want to do a fight with a particular character?
  3. Jenny Pugh, 45, from Birmingham, England wants to know, “If she thinks Pam should become a maker, and if so, what sort of person would she like Pam to make.” Paige from Des Moines Iowa wanted to know the same question but wanted to also know if her comments in the show about “disgusting children was just a cover?”
  4. Janelle Easley, 30, from Baltimore and Linda, 28, from Pavia Italy both want to know, “When and under what circumstances was Pam turned by Eric Northman?”
  5. Max Busch, 18 San Jose CA. wants to know, “What do you think the best and/or worst part about being Eric's right-hand is?”
  6. Chelsea Scheer, 20, from Painesville, Ohio asks, “How old is Pam, or how long has she been a vampire?”
  7. Chez Rodgers, 31, from the UK asks, “How do you see your character, where do you see her going and can we expect to see more of her in the future?”
  8. VampKiss, 18, San Jose, California wants to know the following: “What do you like most about the character you play? Do you relate to her? How would you describe her?” She also wanted to let you know that she is 1 of he Top 3: "Gorgeous Redhead Vampires" in Bon Temp, Louisiana.
  9. Roxanna Kipp, wants to know “if Pam ever get jealous of Sookie and Eric’s relationship?” while April, 30, from Yuma, AZ wanted to know if their relationship will continue to become close like in the books or will it take a different turn?”
  10. Eric (@Eric_ofArea5 on Twitter) asks , “Since you are on Twitter - I was wondering if you were aware of all the TrueBlood role play on Twitter and have you ever looked at Pam's out there? If you have, what do you think about it? If you haven't you should take a look at @Pam_Ravenscroft - she does an amazing portrayal that I think you would enjoy!”
  11. Elsa Rizzo, 23 from Center Harbor, New Hampshire emailed, “I'm very inspired by Kristin's work with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to help whales. I'd like to ask her: “How did she get involved with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and saving whales? What can I do to help?”

Kristen has emailed an update that in a nutshell she will be in all parts of the world for the next 7 weeks. There are family and other things that were scheduled. I will keep you in touch with any news and will post on here once the interview is done. I will also email the winners directly.

Again, I want to thank everyone for the interesting questions and hope that all are answered to their hopes.

And I want to wish Kristen and her husband, Abri safe travels over the next few months.



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