Real Dracula was a savior to many

LAKE PARK, Iowa, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Fans of Twilight: Throw out everything you think you know about vampires. Vladislaus Dracula, the man on which one of the grisliest mythical characters ever invented is based, had none of the characteristics most often attributed to him.

The only work of fiction to include accurate details of Dracula's real life, some never before revealed, is My Vladislaus Dracula, a new work of fiction by Teresa L. Jones and published by AuthorHouse.

Readers learn the historical truth about the man behind the myth along with the novel's heroine, Amelia Justine Kari, who has felt the need to defend Dracula since she was a teen. Like the author, Amelia visits Romania in her quest for the truth about "Vlad Dracula."

The real Dracula was a hero, says Jones, who crusaded for the Pope and cared deeply about the people of Romania.

"He was falsely imprisoned, incredibly brave in battles, and determined to save his people from slavery by the Ottoman empire," Jones says. "This so-called 'monster' was a hero to thousands."

Amelia is drawn into the beautiful lands of Romania by other forces already in search of her, where she learns of dark deeds perpetrated against, not by, Dracula. In the end, Amelia learns that she already knows more about Dracula than she ever dreamed possible.

Jones says her book not only will entertain readers, but lead them on a journey along with her heroine to seek the truth about and understand the man who was Vladislaus Dracula.

"This Dracula is nothing like you have heard or read about before," she says. "I really wanted to change his image. I hope I have done that."

My Vladislaus Dracula
By Teresa L. Jones
Published by AuthorHouse, April 2010
(C) 2010 Teresa L. Jones
ISBN: 1452005729
Retail price: $17.99
380 pages

About the Author

Teresa L. Jones was born in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and graduated from college in Carson City, Nev. She now lives in Lake Park, Iowa, with her husband and children. This is the third book Jones has published within a year, after An Escape: A Secret Life and Prelude to a Christmas Carol. She is currently working on a sequel to My Vladislaus Dracula and a children's book called Early Squirrels.

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