True Blood's Kristen Bauer talks about Eric, Season 3, children, and her charities

A few weeks ago I aksed for fans to send in questions that they wanted to ask Kristen Bauer who plays Vampire Pam in True Blood. I announced the winners that Friday and Kristen has been very nice to provide us with those answers. Here are the questions, along with the fans that asked them and then Kristen's answer. I hope everyone enjoys.

1. Petra di African wants to know, “If there was another role that you tried out for on True Blood, for example the part of Sookie, Tara, or Arlene. She also wanted to know if there was a role that she passed up to do True Blood.”

Kristen answered- Pam was the only part I read for. I started on episonde 4 of the first season so everyone was already cast and I am happy that it worked out the way it did.

2. Elizabeth Provenzano, 22 and is the Tulsa Books Examiner & Tulsa Horror Movie Examiner wants to know, “When you first got the part as Pam and you saw where season one was going, was there anything specific you were hoping to see in your character's story? A certain conversation, an encounter, was there anything you personally hoped would happen?" and Andrea Garzón M., 27,Bogotá, Colombia, continued with that question by asking, “If there are any challenges would you like to do in the future of the show, or if you want to do a fight with a particular character?

Kristen answered-Well, this season has answered many of my questions about Pam and also I got to do so many things that of course I can't tell you about yet! But...tune in because so many things that I hoped that Pam would get to do, I have gotten to do this season.

3. Jenny Pugh, 45, from Birmingham, England wants to know, “If she thinks Pam should become a maker, and if so, what sort of person would she like Pam to make.” Paige from Des Moines Iowa wanted to know the same question but wanted to also know if her comments in the show about “disgusting children was just a cover?”

Kristen answered- I think Pam is truly not into children. I get the feeling that she doesn't like "needy". It is hard to say who she would like to make....she is very happy being the baby and having no dependents.

4. Janelle Easley, 30, from Baltimore and Linda, 28, from Pavia (Italy) both want to know, “When and under what circumstances was Pam turned by Eric Northman?”


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