Teenage 'vampire' victim recounts attack

The teenage victim of a vampire-style attack claims he saw two of his alleged assailants sucking his blood and "I thought the life was leaving me". The victim, whose name cannot be released, said he met James Brooks, 22, James Orr, 19, and Xenia Borichevsky, 19, outside TimeZone in Manners Mall in Wellington, New Zealand on February 20 2010.

The victim's allegations of what happened that night are contained in a written statement, filed in court for a commital hearing and obtained by The Dominion Post.  The three are charged with wounding with intent to render a person unconscious. Brooks has now pleaded guilty and has been remanded for sentencing.

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Judge praises 'vampire' for starting new life


June 29, 2011 (New Zealand) -- A man who bit a teenager during a bizarre vampire-style attack was praised by a judge for having turned his life around after taking work courses and the birth of his daughter. James Eric Orr, 20, pleaded guilty on the morning of his trial to injuring with intent to injure an 18-year-old victim, after he and two others restrained him. Two of them then bit him.

The victim and three others had been walking over the town belt to Hataitai when the attack happened on February 20, 2010, in a clearing on Mt Victoria. He was bitten several times, ending up with infected bites to his chest, arms and back. He was in hospital for a week fighting the infection.

Orr moved from Wellington to Napier shortly after the attack. He was taking work courses through Community Corrections and completed a silviculture course about forestry and tree management. His partner and their three-week-old daughter were at court yesterday to see him sentenced.

In Wellington District Court, Judge Bruce Davidson said Orr's conduct had been exemplary. "I have every reason to believe you have turned your life around." The judge said the victim had been significantly affected, not just having to go to hospital for the physical injuries but also having to spend time detained under the mental health legislation when his mental condition deteriorated.

Judge Davidson said it was a group attack where a couple of people had overpowered the victim, taking him by surprise. He said there had been consensual physical behaviour between the group earlier in the evening, including flesh piercing. He told Orr: "I think you deserve to congratulate yourself in the progress you have made in the last year. I hope it is the last time you are in court."

The judge sentenced Orr to three months' community detention, 100 hours of community work, and to pay $400 reparation to the victim. Judge Davidson sentenced James Brooks to a similar sentence last year on a charge of wounding with reckless disregard.

He will sentence the last of the trio involved, Xenia Borichevsky, next month. She is to get a discharge without conviction if she has done community work. Orr's lawyer, Chris Tennet, said the changes in his client's life were positive.


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