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Busiek's 'Dracula' will be 3 volumes

Kurt Busiek has revealed that his current ongoing series Dracula: The Company of Monsters will consist of three separate acts. Busiek said that he has already outlined each part of the story and that it will become much darker now all the basic setup has been done. The series follows the iconic vampire Dracula after he is resurrected in the modern day, and wages war against an evil corporation.

"The whole Company of Monsters storyline I outlined is three books long, so volume one is essentially Act One," he told CBR. "Now we've got all the players on the board, we've got things moving, with disaster on the way - it's time to make things worse."

"I've been carrying around the root idea of vampirism versus corporatism for probably about 20 years now, figuring out different ways to play it," Busiek explained. "What it hooks me with is the way it allows Dracula to be Dracula - but leaves the question open of whether he's the hero or villain."

The first volume was published on January 26, and a 2nd will be published this May.

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