Man watches 'True Blood,' leaves bites on neck of child


January 31, 2011 (Sheboygan, WI) -- Mark R. Adams Jr. says he was "playing vampire" when he left three bite marks on the neck of a 3-year-old boy he was babysitting, according to a criminal complaint. Adams, 43, of 517-A N. 15th St., told police he was watching HBO's vampire-themed miniseries "True Blood" when the incident occurred, adding it was possible he said something about wanting to suck the boy's blood.

The result was charges of felony physical abuse of a child and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, filed Monday in Sheboygan County Circuit Court. Adams faces up to three years, three months behind bars, if convicted on both counts.  According to the complaint, the child's mother -- Adams' former roommate -- told police she dropped the boy off about 5 p.m. on Jan. 26 and returned three hours later to find the boy crying on the kitchen floor. The boy immediately said Adams bit him on the neck. Three bite marks were clearly visible on the child's neck, two on one side and one on the other.

When confronted, Adams said, "I'm not a pedophile," and told the mother that he was simply playing vampire. Adams then grew upset and told the woman to leave.  As the woman got in her car, she said Adams rushed at her and punched the driver's side window. When she rolled down the window to yell at him, he punched her in the face.

In an interview with police, Adams said he didn't mean to hurt the boy and claimed initially that the injuries happened while goofing around or wrestling. He later admitted the possible reference to sucking the child's blood and said he and the boy were watching "True Blood."



Man convicted of 'vampire' bite accused of sexual assault


A 43-year-old man jailed for biting a 3-year-old's neck while "playing vampire" is facing a litany of additional allegations, including sexual assault, child abuse and marijuana delivery, according to police records released this morning.

Mark R. Adams Jr. has been in jail since Jan. 27, first on a probation hold and now a 30-day sentence from the vampire case.

But Sheboygan police on Wednesday referred him for additional charges of repeated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault, child enticement, child abuse and three counts of marijuana delivery, according to a department arrest log.

Adams, of 517-A N. 15th St., has not been charged with any of those offenses. The District Attorney's Office said charges could be filed as early as today.

Sheboygan police did not immediately return phone calls seeking details on the new allegations

Adams was sentenced March 29 in the vampire case, having accepted a plea agreement under which he was convicted of felony child abuse while prosecutors dismissed a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, as well as two misdemeanor counts of encouraging a probation violation from an unrelated case.

Adams told police he was watching HBO's vampire-themed "True Blood" miniseries Jan. 26 before he bit the neck of a boy he was babysitting three times, a criminal complaint said.

When the child's mother returned and confronted Adams about the bite marks, he said, "I'm not a pedophile," then attacked the woman as she tried to leave.

Adams was charged with the probation-related offenses in March for allowing a man convicted of a sex-related crime against a child to spend time in his home with Adams' three young children.

The man was not a registered sex offender, but his probation prohibited the contact with minors.



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