BBC's Being Human Series 3 finale- Goodbye Mitchell

The BBC's series finale of their top rated supernatural show, Being Human aired in the United States last night. Even though they did their best to keep the ending from going viral many here in the US knew last month the ending of this series finale.

The vampire websited were a buzz about complaints about killing off the hot sexy vampire Mitchell. But, we are not here to discuss the actors choice in departing the show but we are here to discuss the departure of his character, Mitchell.

To help every one catch up on the last episode. Herrick kills all the police in the house, as well as McNair. Herrick attempts to kill Nina and the baby as well as all the police in the police station that knows that Mitchell is a vampire.  A new vampire takes over the police.. or should I say an "old" vampire takes over the police and fires all of the ones in the office. Oh and Mitchell finally kills Herrick and Nina and the baby survive. So, this leads us up to the scene that everyone is talking about... how Mitchell dies.

How many of you found Annie's hate you /love you routine unbelievable. She didn't even bat an eye when her and Nina were talking George into killing Mitchell but boo hooed and cried out that he was the love of her life when she knew that he was going to die. Annie was always my favorite character until this season. The storyline was jutst not what I thought. She should have chosen one or the other.. not back and forth. Where is her strength that Mitchell helped empower her with?

So, what about the actual staking of Mitchell. I didn't like the way it was brought up at the beginning.. it was murder and if George had killed him that way he would have murdered hum out right but in the end he ended up releasing Mitchell from the clutches of the older vampire. He is freed. Still not how I would have liked it but it was full of drama and Mitchell and George got to choose.

Many fans have asked what vampire will take Mitchell's place as a roommate. I am guessing none at first if any. the roomies are through with vampires and sees them only as monsters now. Heck they only saw Mitchell as being nothing but a monster otherwise they would have never plotted to kill him at first.

My prediction is that this new "old ancient one" will be the vampire focused by the writers on the show. They will write the monsterous vampire for now and who knows maybe mid season they may bring in a nice vampire but I really doubt it.

The BBC Being Human Series 4 will return in early 2011 with a new werewolf baby and lots of changes. They will still be in the same house and in the same town but with one less roomie.

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