Change of date for season 4 premiere, "Fix my Maker and more True Blood news

Last night HBO scheduled a replay of True Blood Season 3.However, I thought I may be living it in real life when I stopped at Texas Roadhouse last night.  I heard a deep southern voice and looked up at my waiter. I was shaken and excited because I knew it wasn't possible but our waiter looked just like BILL COMPTON. I made that comment to him and he was quick to reply that "many a lady had thought he looked like Bill so he decided to continue growing his sideburns." We laughed but the coolest part was when we left he bent over the table and said, "Suukie".

But, back on the real True Blood news. Here are some changes additions and recaps:

  • Season 3 is available on DVD beginning on May 31st but you can pre order it now
  • The date for season4 has changed from June 12th to June 26th- which really SUCKS!
  • The last Sookie book will come out in May 2012
  • Jason is bitten and may become a were
  • Eric and Bill do fear the witches - which have been promoted as being a huge part of this season ere "The Season of the Witch" teaser and The office teaser

The newest Waiting Sucks gives us a glimpse of Marnie and the power that witches have over vampires when she stops Pam dead in her tracks as she yells, "Fix my maker now". Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara are there. This makes me wonder if they are going to utilize the coven in the book or substitute a few of them for those three?

But, what we do know is that Eric is hurt in some way more than likely it can be deduced that he does have amnesia aas in the book based upon the Eric teaser trailer. But was that the King of Mississippi laughing at the end? Has Mr. Edgington returned? We can only hope.

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