Season 4 of True Blood to take place 1 year after season 2 finale

According to a New York post interview with Ryan Kwantan who plays Jason Stackhouse, True Blood season 4 will pick up exactly one year after season 3 ended. He stated that Jason would when the show returned Jason would be a full fledged police officer.
So, it appears that when Sookie leaves with Claudine the fairy that she will be gone from Bon Temps for one year. It was stated that Bill was shocked to see her when she returns.
This leaves us thinking that :
  1. The time where Sookie was at moves slower than here.
  2. Lots of things has changed her in this world while she was gone- has Bill started dating someone else?
  3. Was Sookie there to get to know her cousin Claudine and Claude?
  4. Was she hurt when whe was there- like the last books? Or is this still nice fairy time?
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