Spoilers and pictures of the Vampire Diaries episode "Klaus"

Tonight on Lexington's Insight Cable Channel 12, Vampire Diaries' fans will get their first glimpse of Klaus in the flesh as well as other spoilers. The CW released this synopsis of tonight's episode:

  • Flashback to 1491 when Katherine first meets Klaus and Elijah
  • Stefan and Damon are furious when they discover that Elena has deied them both to make a new ally and released Elijah. As a result this will allow her to take control of the plan to our maneuver Klaus
  • The Salvatore Brothers wil continue their infamous arguing over how to protect Elena
  • Stefan has his hands full trying to keep a surprised and confused Jenna safe.
  • We findout the origin of the moonstone surse
  • Elena learns shocking new informaiton about Klaus' motive
  • There is a new witch in town and she is not happy that her father and brother are dead. Does Bonnie have competition?
  • Joseph Morgan debuts as Klaus

The spoilers leave lots of questions for fans. Plus scenes from the last episode, "As I Lay Dying" shows fire and Damon grabbing Elena. So, what could have happened to make him show once again how much he will sacrifice to keep her safe.

Vampire Diaries is CW's hit vampire show. It is described as more adult than Twilight but less sexually graphic that True Blood.

Stay tuned tonight for the latest series and remember only 3 more weeks until the season finale.

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