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While searching for new HBO True Blood Waiting Sucks videos that promote the premiere of the high rated vampire series, a fan made promotional video popped up in the search. HBO is releasing a video promo prior to the June 26th premiere. So, far we have had one feature Pam and the witches, Pam, Jessica, and Hoyt, Sam, Eric and Bill, Eric wandering with amnesia, Terry and Arlene, Jason and his future as a werepanther, as well as the first promo announcing that this is " The season of the Witch."

But, while searching for recent promo videos one in particular came up in the search list. It is a video from a True Blood fan named Filipe Sanchez from Venezuala. His YouTube Channel - Vampires Addiction. The title of the video is True Blood Waiting Sucks (2011) Recap.

It is one of the best fan videos tha recap the questions that we want to now from Season 3. Here they are as he has listed in the video:

  • Will Jason take care of the werepanther community?
  • Will Arlene have Rene's baby?
  • Will Andy Bellafleur begin to use V?
  • Will Lafayetter use his witch powers?
  • Will Tara get a new life to go along with her new life?
  • Will Pam continue with her beautiful and sarcastic ways?
  • Will Alcide  is a werewolf with a broken heart?
  • Russell Edgington is underground. will he return?
  • Will Jessica and Hoyt be in love forever?
  • What is Mrs. Fortenberry up to?
  • Did Sam kill his brother?
  • Who will win between Bill and the Queen?
  • And finally where is Sookie?

This was a great video that brought out all the above questions as well as show us the most fun clips of season 3.

Here is where you can find Felipe's YouTube Channel. I suggest that you subscribe to it for up to the minute vampire videos and great fan made videos.

So, what are you answers to these questions? Please comment below and let us know what you think is going to happen on the 4th season of True Blood.

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