Waiting Sucks - Terry and Arlene Video

HBO has released another "Waiting Sucks" preview trailer for their hit vampire show True Blood. of the preview trailers are approximately 30 seconds or less This one takes place in Terry and Arlene's apartment.

This trailer begins with Arlene and the kids taking a nap on the couch and Terry is cleaning up. It appears that Arlene is having a bad dream and she is worried about something. The video pans to a marker that goes to the wall and writes, "Baby not yours". Terry yells and Arlens wakes and screams.

During season 3 Arlene found out that she was pregnant. At first she thought it was Terry's but found out that she was further along than she thought and the the baby has to be the product of Renee. She finally tells Terry that the baby is not his but he says he's going to love it anyways.

Arlene had previously dreamed that Renee was the father and that she was having a demon baby. she attempted to get rid of it

through magic but it didn't work. She then decided to to keep the baby and raise it.

But, here's the question.. Renee was in season 1 didn't she participate in Maryann's origies at the end of Season 2? Was she only with Terry or were there demon activity involved in this. My memory isn't that great with that episode. But, I am thinking that the show wasn't specific as to who had sex with whom.

So, what do you think about the preview? Do you think that the witches of the season will have to help with the baby as well?

True Blood Season 1 and 2 DVD and Blu Ray are available here

True Blood Season 3 will be available on DVD and Blu Ray on May 31st here

True Blood Season 4 will begin on June 26th and end on September 11, 2011

True Blood Season 3 is being reshown on HBO on Sunday nights now

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