Introducing A Ristian Vampire and "Ravena and the Resurrected"



Introducing A Ristian Vampire And "Ravena & The Resurrected"


Tami Jackson, author of Ravena & The Resurrected visits us from south of Seattle, WA, USA today and is our guest here with some big news about her new vampire book that is available to Lexington vampire fans as well as fans around the world!


Tami says-


First of all, I'd like to thank you, Bertena, for allowing me to be here today. It's such a pleasure to get to know you better through and through Linked In. Vampires are something that you have obviously enjoyed researching and writing about and that's one of the reasons why I find it to be such a privilege to be here with you, today.


Here is a summary of Ravena and the Resurrected:


Socially awkard, 23-year-old Ravena Doomlah believes in vampires when nobody else has a clue that they're real. She yearns to be turned into one, thinking that will solve all of her social problems, and because she thinks she will find vampires in Seattle, she eagerly moves to that city. Sadly, when she settles in, she's amazed that others around don't seem to notice the paranormal activity she sees and her coworkers certainly do not want to talk about night stalkers either.


So, while Ravena feels somewhat out of place, the book moves along rapidly at a rather high pitch. Reviewers admit they laugh out loud at the consistent humor and witty things that Ravena says.


When she finally meets a vampire, he's an inspiring blond but instead of wooing him, that vampire slips away quickly as possible. It's a bit later when Ravena is violently attacked by an ugly selfish fiend. (She feels so disappointed that he's nobody she recognizes!)


After going through all the transitions that dying and being resurrected requires, Ravena learns she has a new highly motivated enemy, called "Assassins" on her tail and that serves as the catalyst for all the adventure in this book.


There's so much Seattle in R&R, modern & historic. I'm sure readers will feel educated as well as entertained. There's one brief sex scene that's not too graphic and occasional acts of violence, suitable for a vampire and werewolf novel. Because of these aspects, R&R, with all its humor and vivid detail, is not appropriate for young children.


A MOST SERIOUS EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK:  How An Old and Gray-Haired Vampire Made The First "Ristian" Vampire


 Back in the 1830s, a woman named Hanna is startled by a loud bang (after a 5-year-old set off a homemade fire cracker on the wooden sidewalk). She jumps directly in front of a brand new steam bus, which runs over her, severing Hanna’s body in two. That's when the old Gray vampire sees her for the first time.


19:40 - Unlike the way it is on television, where people die instantly, Hanna lay on the ground, fully conscious and able to talk to whomever would communicate with her. Problem was, her lower body with petticoats and corset lay directly alongside her head and shoulders. Nobody dared approach the ghastly scene.


19:41 - When Hanna cried out for help, the old gray felt repulsed to see so many people just standing around, gawking. They did nothing to offer comfort. Not a kind word was spoken to Hanna. (The old gray simply raged at her terrible treatment by other humans.)


19:42 - Then he began killing all the heartless looky-loos that he could find. Later the aged vampire would reflect upon that day and feel grateful that nobody had owned cameras back then. Nobody had access to the Internet (where they might post images or tag him in photos) so none profited financially from Hanna’s terrible luck.


19:43 - Only one reporter, who hid inside a barbershop and peered through the window’s shutters, survived to write about the murders. With the slaughter completed, the gray made the mistake of assuming Hanna’s body would be restored and he resurrected her.


19:44 - Out of pity, he gave her his animated blood and while she drank in his venom he waited, expectantly. Hanna convulsed, as was usual for a body releasing its human breath, and then, as her wounds rapidly healed, her skin and organs grew shut exactly where they had been severed, below the one breast and above the other.


19:45 - Once Hanna completed her transformation, she walked about on her hands as a talking, hungry head, with a matching pair of arms, shoulders and one bosom.


This sounds like a great and fun book and different from others that are out there.

Thank you again, Bertena, for giving me this opportunity to be here and to share a little bit about my book, Ravena & The Resurrected. Anyone who is interested in reading free chapters may check them out at - Tami


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Vampire fans can find Tami on the interwebs please visit here- Facebook and Tweet: @Vamchoir. Publisher:


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