Waiting Sucks CLIP OF Jessica and Hoyt

Here is the clip for the season 4 of HBO's show True Blood. The quality is not the best because it's a clip at an event but is does show what we have to look forward to- Pam's funny remarks, Hoyt's sexiness, and Jessica's passion.

At the end of season 3, we see Hoyt and Jessica decide to get back together and it had all of their fans very excited but thsi is True Blood so you have to wonder how long can this couple stay happy?

As you see, Hoyt is still the chivalrous country boy that will defend his lady vamp's honor - no matter the cost but I wonder who is going to save him from these "idiots" as Pam calls them?

But, Pam brings up a good point- technology does make it harder on vampires in the modern days. I wonder if this is a big hint for the season. If you think about it Bon Temps isn't big like say New York on technology, heck I don't think Hotshot has much more than electricity but there could be a storyline here especially dealing with that crazy Fellowship of the Sun.

In my personal opinion I wish they would get rid of the Fellowship of the Sun, it just frustrates me more than entertains me. But, as Pam says, " Let them practice their constitutional right of being a ..... idiot."

So, unfortunately it appears we will be seeing more of these hate filled fanatical hypocrits this next season.

June 12th just can't come fast enough. I am waiting for an exclusive Truebie event like the one that they did last year. I absolutely loved it and look forward to attending something like that this year. Can True Blood top this event this year?Of course they can! Waiting Sucks!

Watch the video here on Examiner.com: Jessica and Hoyt clip from Season 4 True Blood - Lexington vampire | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/vampire-in-lexington/jessica-and-hoyt-clip-from-season-4-true-blood#ixzz1KH2Qd1Wk

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