Romania targets tourists in China, India and the Middle East

Bran Castle (Brașov, Romania)

Romania's Tourism Ministry is hoping to attract tourists from China, India and the Middle East on the back of the Dracula Legend. The state secretary of Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Barhalescu said that the Legend of Dracula will be promoted in Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern markets, which weren't affected by the economic crisis and have huge potential.

"I think a reassessment, a repositioning strategy of the master plan, which was made ??in 2007 in other economic conditions, is now necessary. The target markets that we consider close and brings tourists, such as Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Russia can be enhanced with markets like the Middle East, which at present has not been affected by the crisis, as well as China and India. In these markets Romania has not yet been promoted yet," said Barhalescu.

Barhalescu said that Romania can promote everything, including Dracula or Transylvania with the Bran Castle or Sighisoara, as well as eco-tourism areas, such as the Danube Delta.

The well publicized Dracula Park initiative was launched in November 2001 in Sighisoara, but was later moved to Snagov. The project was one of the first initiatives of the mandate of the former Tourism Minister Dan Matei Agathon.

Afterwards the project was abandoned, when the executive cancelled the program after an examination by the Government Control Authority, which said that the title was given illegally.


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