A story by SadisticRequiem -- Chapter 1 [MA]


"So beautiful." Lane whispers on a sigh, leaning back slightly against the cold metallic bars of the bench beneath her. Her head is tilted upward slightly, eyes hidden behind black-tinted lenses glued to the girl across the way. Crimson eyes take in the sight of the girl, tracing the curves of her body as she leans against the rail of the balcony outside her apartment. Her head is tilted back slightly to catch the last of the dying rays from the sun upon her face, causing the blonde highlights in her jet black hair to take upon themselves a glowing effect, stealing away Lane's own breath. Suddenly her body language changes, and Lane's eyes move back up to her face, realizing with a shock that violently grey eyes met her own.

Suddenly she couldn't seem to find the ability to breath. A slightly smirk was forming over the girls lips, driving home all the reason's Lane seemed to be so completely enamoured with her. The girl tilted her head slightly to the side, her arms resting upon the banister surrounding the balcony. Slowly she moved her hand, one finger crooking slightly in invitation. Lane didn't move, wondering if she was imagining, if it was a trick of the light, a trick of her mind.

Her hand, of it's own accord, moved up to her face, pulling the sunglasses down slightly, barely revealing her eyes. Her mind was telling her she was imagining even as it was trying it's hardest to find out if she truly was. The girl rightened herself, standing in her full glory in the dying light, an eyebrow raised in question. Lane's eyes moved back to settle on the girls hands, which were flashing numbers... Two... Three... Two... Three... Her mind raced as she took in the sight, her body rising from the bench of it's own accord, her legs carrying her across the street as her mind rushed to catch up with her. She took one last glance up in time to catch the last whisps of black hair disappear behind the thick curtains blocking the sliding glass door.

Twenty-three? Or thirty-two? Lane swore under her breath as her mind puzzled over the numbers, knowing full well she was being invited up to the girls apartment. She couldn't understand why she was so nervous. She'd never been nervous like this before. Ever. Third floor. Press the button. Up.

She could barely put her thoughts together by the time she'd reached the third floor. Glancing at the directory as she stepped out of the elevator caused her to smile, the dilema for the moment resolved. Twenties.... So it was twenty-three. Good. Problem solved. Slowly she made her way down the dimly lit hallway. Twenty... Twenty-One... Twenty-Two... Her steps slowed even more, dreading but at the same time longing for the next number to come, the next door to appear. And then she was in front of it. Without her consent she found her hand clenching into a fist and rising, knocking. One knock. Two knocks. Three....

And almost before the third knock was finished, the door opened. There she stood, in all her glory. At the sight of her, the spell seemed to break. The air rushed to Lane's lungs, and she realized she'd been holding her breath since she'd taken that last step to the door. Her lips had been dry, and her tongue barely poked out, wetting them slightly. The girls eyes widened just a bit at the sight. Then she smiled and stepped back, inviting Lane into the entryway. Lane took one last breath and walked across the threshold, letting it out as the door slowly closed behind her. No going back now she thought to herself as she heard the lock click into place behind her.


"She's out there again..." She whispered to herself as she stepped out onto her balcony. She'd caught glimpses of the girl before. Always out of the corner of her eye, and always at second glance she was gone. She'd ran into her once, at a party in a basement of a friend's house. She'd been the bartender. The memory had stuck in her head, needling at her. She'd regretted ever since that she hadn't pursued her further, but she'd been scared out of her mind at what had taken place. She sighed, tilting her face to the sun as it set behind the trees of the park she'd lived across the street from since the day she'd turned 18 and could move out on her own. For the millionth time she let her mind wander back to that night...

It'd been dark... Very dark. She could remember squinting into the black-lighted room as she made her way down the steps on the arm of her best friend. It'd been a halloween party, and for the first time she'd chosen to go all out. They'd gone searching online for the sexiest outfits they could find. She'd chosen that of a vampyre. Her friend had gone with the nurse. They'd made sure to pick the classiest style of slutty they could find. Her corset was blood red with skin-tight fishnet sleeves that hugged the soft skin of her arms, hooking over her thumbs to keep them in place. The skirt she'd picked fell almost to her ankles, an almost sheer black, and with a slit all the way up to her hip. Beneath she wore a black laced garter belt, and thigh high fishnets. The black stilettos three inches tall made her calves hard as a rock. Her friend in similar wear, except in whites and blues. They were complete opposites, but worked so well together, and she had to smile as she recalled the stares they'd gotten as they'd made their way through the room, straight to the bar. Many heads had turned that night, but no one stood out... No one but her.

She remembered being mesmerized by her movements. The way she'd lean forward over the bar to hear the customer's order over the music. How her hips swinging slightly to bass reverberating throughout the room. Her hands working magick with the crystal glasses and the glass shakers. The bottles twirling in her hands like they were moving on their own, their sole purpose to be in HER hands, and hers alone. Quite suddenly she'd felt a sharp pang, a longing to be the one that distracted those hands from their job, to make their job to please her, and the longing was so sharp she'd lost her breath.

She'd realized almost too late that she'd stopped in the middle of the dance floor, her friend tugging lightly on her arm. The spell was momentarily broken, and she'd begun to walk toward the bar again. They took seats at the end of the bar, furthest away from the girl serving drinks to the throng of people surrounding. She'd tapped her long black, crimson tipped nails against the edge of the bar, following the beat of the music as she let her eyes again wander along the girl behind the bar. As if she'd known all along whose attention she'd so thoroughly caught, the girl behind the bar had turned to meet her gaze, a slight smirk resting on lips that looked almost too soft to bear. Again, Kiera had to remind herself to breath.

"Down girl..." Her friend had whispered into her ear with a laugh, and Kiera's face broke into a smile. Her eyes hadn't left the girl behind the bar, but she couldn't really meet hers. The sunglasses seemed to hinder that.

"Do you think she's blind?" Kiera whispered back, leaning into her friend slightly. Dismissing the idea almost as soon as it had escaped her lips. As deftly as if she weren't wearing the dark shades in an almost pitch black room, she'd grabbed two bottles and quickly began filling an order that'd just come to her. After a second she's indicated with a free hand to Kiera and her friend that she would be down there in a second. Kiera's heart picked up speed at the thought.

"What is wrong with me?" She wondered to herself. She'd never acted like this before, with anyone. But this girl, just the sight of her, moving so quickly and smoothly, like it wasn't even possible for her to make a mistake, was making thoughts flood her mind. Thought's she'd never even thought herself capable of thinking before. Images of naked limbs entwined, blood trickling slowly down between cleavage, a hand pressed against soft skin, nails raking across unmarred skin. She'd felt her friend nudge her, snapping her out of her trance once again.

"What'll it be?" She'd gasped as the bartenders face appeared not even half a foot in front of her. She'd had the strong urge to sink her fingers into the short jet black hair slicked back on her head, and kiss her until her glasses fell to the floor and she'd revealed the eyes behind the sunglasses of the girl that had just captured her heart without even trying. She saw a smile form on the girls lips, and glimpsed what she thought were fangs, imediately dismissing them for costume atire. It was halloween, after all.

She'd found her voice again, and her mind was forcing her body to speak even though she hadn't fully caught up with what was going on yet. She leaned in slightly, getting herself to within an inch of the bartender's ear and whispered softly to her.

"Give me Desire..." She could feel the girl's breath on her own neck, causing chills to run down her spine and settle in her lower back, pushing slightly in an arch. She'd closed her eyes as the girls laugh shot through her, making her body shake like the bass from the music couldn't. She'd sat back down on the stool as the girl stepped back, eyebrow raised slightly.

"Sure you can handle it?" She'd asked as she'd reached beneath the bar, pulling out a dangerously green looking bottle, the contents almost glowing in the blacklight. Kiera had nodded, smiling slightly. The bartender shook her head slightly, mixing the shooter and setting it down in front of her.

"If you can take that shot without puking, your drinks are on the house for the night..." The bartender said. Kiera's friend laughed beside her.

"Guess you'll be drinking for free, love." She'd said. Kiera raised the shot toward the bartender, tilting her head back slightly and tossing back the drink, letting it pour down her open throat. She'd smiled as the warm feeling immediately flowed from her center, flowing throughout her body to the very tips of her fingers. The bartender had watched with open amusement at the sight.

She'd reached for the shotglass, but Kiera had suddenly grown bold. She'd placed her hand over the bartenders, stopping her from taking the glass. As her skin came in contact with the other girls, the place faded. The music quieted to background noise, until all she could hear was her own breath, and that of the girl whose hand she held in her own. Nothing existed, nothing at all but them in that instant.

She'd pulled away quickly, rising from her seat and headed toward the door, terrified by the feelings that had so suddenly engulfed her that she'd had no way to defend herself against them. Her friend had called to her, asking her where she was going, but she'd ignored her. She'd known then that if she would've turned around, she probably would've lost her heart in that dimly lit bar, where no one could save her but herself. She'd walked out the bar without a second glance, but as she'd stepped outside, her hand already up and hailing a taxi, she'd felt suddenly drained, empty. Like she'd just left her entire world behind, and she couldn't figure out why.

Kierra sighed again, stretching as she pulled herself out of the memory, shaking her head slightly. The sun was almost down. She needed to get ready. There was a birthday party tonight and she was expected. She took one last glance down into the park, expecting it to be empty. The girl had never lingered longer than a first glance. So it was of no surprise that her breath was stolen away by the sight of the girl still sitting there, still watching her. She should feel repulsed, scared, angry that this girl knew where she lived, watched her. But she couldn't call those feelings to the surface. All she could seem to feel was a warmth spreading throughout her limbs. She'd definitely gotten what she's asked for that night. Desire was flooding her senses and she could barely think.

There was only one way to solve this, she concluded. I need to invite her up. So with a slight smile and a crook of her finger, she called her up, without a word. Almost as an after thought, she'd flashed the number to her apartment, hoping she'd know what she was talking about. Two... Three... Two... Three... Two...

Her heart caught in her throat as she saw the girl rise from her seat in the park, watching her fluid-like movements as she made her way across the street and out of sight, presumably into the building. She turned and slipped back into the apartment, drawing the curtains closed behind her after she'd locked the door. Her hands had started to shake, and she made her way slowly over to the door, praying silently to no one in particular that the girl who was making her way up to her apartment wasn't a lunatic that was going to kill her and chop her up into tiny little pieces and stuff her into the walls.

She laughed at her own imagination, but was cut short by a knock at the door. She was here. She was really here...

At the third knock, she opened the door, cursing herself for her impatience. She stood there, looking so completely intoxicating that Kiera just wanted to reach into her and lose herself in her all at once. She smiled at the thought, and heard the girl standing in the hallway release a breath. Kiera's eyes tried unsuccessfully to penetrate the black of the shades, giving up to travel slowly down the lines of her face, resting her gaze upon the girls lips, just in time to catch the tip of her tongue come out to trail slowly along them. She caught sight of what she thought were the fangs again, shocking her. She pushed the thought back, thinking it a trick of the memory played out in her head on the balcony not more than 10 minutes before. She stepped back, allowing room for the girl to make her way into the entry way, guesturing for her to make her entrance.

She took a deep breath, breathing in the scent of her as her body moved passed, biting back a groan at the feel of her arm brushing against her stomach lightly. What am I doing? Kiera asked herself as she slowly closed the door behind the girl. No going back now, she thought to herself as she heard the lock click into place.


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