Chapter 1 Sisters

Chapter 1



Seraphina looked out over the land of iLLumr from atop the castle tower, which was located on the Estate of Inception. The wind was strong and bit her soft skin. Her crystal blue eyes formed tears, as she wiped them with her gloved hand. She was wondering if her feelings were causing the tears or was it the sharp wind. She loved the way iLLumr looked under the moon, the way the magical trees glowed and the moonlight sparkled on the waterfall. So much has happened in years gone by that there were times when she would spend the whole day just remembering……


Lightning crashed as the rain came down. The female Dragon with the red shiny scales and green eyes landed looking down at Seraphina questionly. “How is it that you look so very much like me? When I look at you, it is if I am looking in a mirror, other than our skin and eye color and size, we could be identical twins!”

Seraphina laughed and looked up at her sister, “Phoebe! You are always playing and joking around. She got up from the chair and walked over to Phoebe and gave her a big hug on her foreleg. “Where have you been for all these days? Off on one of your adventures no doubt! You always leave me here to take care of this big castle and keep order in the Clan. I think maybe it be my turn to go off on an adventure and leave you here to tend to things! How would you like that!?”

Phoebe hung her head and looked down at the courtyard from atop of the castle tower where her and her sister would sit to have their chats.


You know that is impossible dear sister. My memories fade in and out and the only way I have been able to keep them this long, is from your help. I gave you my memories to keep for me and I gave you a part of my soul. We are as one.  The people love and respect you as much as they did me when I was in rule. With my thoughts, memories and heart…you will do just fine taking care of the lands and the Clan. Aleck , Lord of iLLumr with be here to help you and , I will always be here for you, just a thought away when you need me. I will always love you and I have a wonderful place to stay along with the other Dragons at the Isle of Wyrms. This castle will always be my true home Seraphina. I am always here for you..never forget that.

“I wont forget Phoebe, I will never forget you. Don’t you ever forget us either!”

Phoebe turned to look at her sister as she was walking away and said, “ Never!” then she took flight and was gone with the storm.



          Phoebe was the one who created Seraphina as she is today. Phoebe had found her on a cliff above the ocean at dusk, when the sun was going down and the sky looked like fire.

It was the very spot that Aliska had found LeLumr centuries ago. She knew then it was destiny.

Sera was near death, and Phoebe drank from her until her heart was about to beat its last time. When she knew the precise moment, Phoebe had cut an incision on her own wrist and allowed the blood to flow into Sera’s mouth. Seraphina was then born a vampire. She rose and cast her

eyes upon Phoebe for the first time. It was amazing how her features began to change and other than the color of eyes and hair, she became a mirror image of Phoebe. This has never happened before, no one had ever taken on the Serae features of their creator, not until now. There was a special bond between Phoebe and Sera.

The moments that Seraphina had with her sister were happy ones.  She knew the only reason she lived now was because of Phoebe’s curse and she felt guilty about that. She knew she had a duty to care for the people of the Clan and she was indebted to Phoebe.  Sera was immortal and Shape Shifter. The sad thing is, that as a Dragon, one tends to forget the alternate life ties. If we stay a Dragon for extended periods of time, we gradually forget our “Vampyre” past.



She walked the castle tower, thinking about how things came to pass and finally decided to go back inside. She slowly walked downward to the entrance of the castle where there was a huge room with a large fountain in the center the flowed with red colored water, a symbol of the blood of life. She gazed into the red water and suddenly heard a voice, “Sister, How are you?” It has been awhile since I talked to you. I want to come to the castle to visit you, is now a good time?”

Many of the Vampyres and those who are connected to them have the ability to communicate through thoughts.  Some are able to communicate directly as though they are in the same room and others can only share “feelings”.

Sera answered to her lil sister Alayah, “Lil Sis! How are you! It is so very good to hear from you. Yes, please do come now! I would love to visit with you!”

Alayah, the shorter sister of the three didn’t look like Phoebe or Seraphina, but she was just as lovely if not lovelier because of her very cute face and sweet childlike personality.

Alayah was much shorter than Sera and Phoebe, thin but shapely. Her hair was always long, but she changed it’s color often. Seraphina looked forward to her visit. It always cheered her up.

Alayah appeared in front of Seraphina filling the room with light and glitter. The Vampyre Clan, who have the power to fly as a dragon, also have the power of teleporting from one place to another.

“Lil Sis, you always make such an entrance!” Seraphina said laughing so hard her side hurt. “Ahhaha, Sister, it is so good to see you, I have missed you so!” Alayah walked over to Seraphina and gave her a big hug. “So Lil one, tell me what you have been up to. Do you have a boyfriend? You must have because I have not heard from you in awhile.” Smiling at her little sister Sera walked over to the couch, “Please sit. Tell me all..I wish to hear!”

They both sat down at the same time, almost sitting on each other. Giggling, they were like kids again. It was always like that when they got together.Alayah went on to tell Sera about what has been happening in her life. She told of a new man in her life and of the business they have started together. She listened as Alayah told all.

It seemed that since the divorce, Alayah had been stalked by a pursuer and had to go into hiding for a while.

They spent the bulk of the day chatting with each other and played some silly games they play when getting together. Sera and Alayah were enjoying their visit when the sisters felt the castle tremble and they heard a very loud screech.

A thick, un-nerving presence was felt by both sisters, and they both became still.  Both could hardly breath or move. It lasted but only a moment then all was back to normal.

“Sister, what WAS that!? It is the most dreadful feeling I think I have ever felt!” Tears were welting up in Alayah’s eyes. “Lil Sis, I was hoping to spare you this truth about the Clan and the Embassy. There is a horrible, evil Dragon that is dominating the lands and its inhabitants. This Dragon comes upon us when we least expect it. Even the most powerful of Mages cannot conquer this evil presence. This Dragon is unlike any Dragon any one has ever known. It can come and takes us, pulling us into a different realm where the most horrible things happen. Sometimes it is days before we are released, and find ourselves back here at home again.

This evil Dragon is the reason Phoebe is forever Dragon. I did not want to tell you about this, but the time has come that you must know the truth Lis Sis………………….




     Phoebe had tried to defeat this Dragon when it first came upon our lands, but she did not have the power to do so. In their battle, the evil… thing… was about to kill Phoebe, and she had almost killed it too. Much destruction came upon the land. Phoebe was a Vampyre and a Dragon and she possessed magical powers which were not strong enough to destroy the evil she battled. In turn, the Dragon was not strong enough to beat Phoebe either. They came to an agreement after days, perhaps months of battle. The Dragon told Phoebe that she could live, and that the lands and its inhabitants could continue to live on if Phoebe agreed to give up her Vampyre form and remain a Dragon forever. Phoebe had no choice. Her people’s lives were at stake. She was terribly sad, because if the Shape Shifters remain in Dragon form for an extended amount of time they eventually loose all of their memory of their Vampyre life. She agreed to it and asked to be given 1 week, so to prepare things before she became a Dragon forever. The Dark Dragon agreed. Phoebe, heartbroken that she would loose her true self in time, was also relieved for she knew that the lands and those who dwelled in them would be safe, and at least she could visit in her Dragon form. What the force did not know, was Phoebe’s plan to create a likeness of herself to watch over the castle and keep it safe, along with her memories. The Dark Dragon thought that once Phoebe was a Dragon for a while, that she would forget all about the lands, castle, and all who inhabited it and then all would be his. That is where I come in. Phoebe gave me her memories and part of her soul and heart when she created me. I am a part of her. Now I watch over the lands and the Clan along with Aleck. There are days when this presence that haunts us snatches us into another realm, but we are always  brought back unharmed. If we could only figure out a way to beat this thing, we would then truly be free to live in peace and harmony.



Alayah sat with her head hung staring at a spider that was running across the floor. She finally knew the truth about what happened to the eldest sister Phoebe, why she was never around very often. Alayah loved Phoebe very much and missed her terribly, but never spoke of her much to Sera because she knew there was a deep burden about Phoebe, she just didn’t know what it was. She had always thought that Phoebe had decided to remain a Dragon of her own free will. Alayah did not know that she was cursed to do so.

“Sera, why do you keep these things from me? Don’t you know that I love you and Phoebe. You are my family! I have a right to know these things and I resent you not telling me! I knew Phoebe before you did!!”

There was an aura of red that surrounded Alayah and Sera knew her little sister was angry!

“Lis Sis, I know how busy you are with your own life, and you have so much going on with your school and your new business, I never wanted to burden you with all this. This problem is my responsibility. You have enough on your plate at this time. And besides,Phoebe made me promise not to tell you. If something should ever happen to me, you will have no choice but to take over this castle and the Clan. So, for now, you should concentrate on getting your life together and not worry about what is going on here. You will have that opportunity all too soon!”

Alayah knew her sister was right, nevertheless, she thought it would be a benefit to at least know about the evil Dragon and what it could or could not do.

“Sera, I know what you say makes sense, but I would like to know more about this “Dragon of Darkness” in case anything does ever happen to you and I am left to deal with things.”

Seraphina looked at Alayah and thought hard for a moment, pacing the floor. “We know it has the power to pull us into another realm.  It wipes out entire villages at times, but then they always reappear. It is trickery to terrorize us. It had promised to allow us and the lands to live on but it did not promise it would not mess with us!

“What is his name and what are his weaknesses?”, Alayah asked.

His name is Xiuhcoatl.”

“He has to sleep. Sometimes when you listen carefully and all is still you can hear his breath, like he is asleep. It cannot control our feelings or thoughts. He is impatient and bores easily. He has a short attention span so it is easy to catch it off guard and escape. And last but not least, he has a narrow mind with no imagination which means he hasn’t a clue about the things we are capable of creating or doing.”

Alayah thought to herself that this “force” must be a large dumpy extremely stupid Dragon and should not be hard to defeat. Eilly’s mind started ticking and the wheels were in motion. She could certainly come up with a plan! She knew her sister thought of her as child like, but there was a grown woman underneath this “child”.. a grown woman who was strong and one not to be crossed!

“Thank you Sera, for giving me this information at last. I know how hard things must be for you and I will do what I can to help you. Please promise that you will contact me as soon as you need me, for any reason!”

Sera nodded and replied, “I will Lil Sis, I promise. Now you should get back to your life and don’t worry about things here. We are fine at this time and I will contact you should that change.”

Alayah smiled at her older sister and thought to herself, “Yes… things will be fine. I will make sure of that!

“Yes Sister, I will be on my way now. Kasrid just contacted me and said he needs my help so I must go now. I love you and please give Phoebe a hug for me if you see her. Tell her I miss and love her and want to see her again.”

“I will tell her that Lil Sis, goodbye and take care and keep in touch! Now Shoo!!”

Sera and Alayah hugged each other goodbye and then Alayah grabbed her teddy bear and was gone..poofed!

Sera walked back outside looking out across iLLumr thinking how odd her sister sounded, almost ….amused.

She gazed out across the lands behind the castle as she watched Aleck, Lord of iLLumr, working away at the wonderful Cathedral he was building and wondered what his plans for iLLumr were and what would become of the two groups that were about to join forces. The thought of it thrilled her and it was going to be wonderful having someone to work together with. Maybe now, this terrible evil that has darkened our doors, can be defeated with the help of our new friends.


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