Mysteries of Myra, The

USA 1916

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The Mysteries of Myra
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Directed by Theodore and Leopold Wharton

B&W / Silent. This 15-chapter serial was first shown in New York City during the third week of April of 1916. The plot is motivated by the Black Order, a devil-worshipping cult bent on taking over the world. Upon reaching her 18th birthday, Myra Maynard discovers that she has been marked for death by the Black Order, whose membership once included her own father. Dr. Estabrook, a specialist in cults and secret societies, dedicates himself to saving Myra from the Order's clutches. And so it goes for several more two-reel episodes, each one chock-full of horrendous perils, daring last-minute escapes, and such modernistic B&W / Silentinventions as radio and television. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide. The film is presumed lost; an incomplete print exists in the Library of Congress film archive (American Film Institute collection)

a.k.a. The Mysteries of Myra

Jean Sothern as Myra Maynard
Howard Estabrook as Dr. Payson Alden
Allan Murnane as Art Varney
M.W. Rale as The High Master
Bessie Wharton as Mrs. Maynard
Leroy Baker
Elsie Baker
F.W. Stewart
Robin H. Townley

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