Zwolfte Stunde, Die

Germany 1930

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Directed by Waldemar Ronger

A sound version of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922), almost certainly made without Murnau's knowledge. The characters are given new names with Count Orlok becoming Furst Wollkoff, and the character of a young priest is added played by Hans Behal in a 'Mass for the Dead' sequence that was later cut due to interference from censors who objected to the religious implications. Lotte Eisner in her biography on Murnau states that this artistic adaptation must have come from an original negative of NOSFERATU and some unused footage from Prana Film. This version may also be listed with F.W. Murnau as the director

a.k.a. Eine Nacht Des Grauens / The Twelfth Hour / Die Zwolfte Stunde - Eine Nachte Des Grauens / The Twelfth Hour - Night Of Horror

Max Schreck as Graf Orlok
Gustav von Wangenheim as Hutter (as Gustav v. Wangenheim)
Greta Schröder as Ellen Hutter, seine Frau (as Greta Schroeder)
Alexander Granach as Knock, ein Häusermakler
Georg H. Schnell as Westenra, Harkers Freund (as G.H. Schnell)
Ruth Landshoff as Lucy, Westenras Frau
John Gottowt as Professor Bulwer, ein Paracelsianer
Gustav Botz as Professor Sievers, der Stadtartzt
Max Nemetz as Käpitän der Demeter
Hans Behal as Young Priest

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