Baúl Macabro, El

Mexico 1936

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El Baúl Macabro
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Directed by Miguel Zacarías

Dr Renán is obsessed in the search to cure to his wife, who suffers from a bad infection. He robs female corpses from hospitals, but after a series of failed experiments, Renán deduces that his experiments, in order to succeed, will require live women to experiment on...

Ramón Pereda as Dr. Maximiliano Renán
René Cardona as Dr. Armando del Valle
Esther Fernández as Alicia Monroy
Juanita Castro as Nurse Virginia
Enrique Gonze as Mozabu, the hunchback
Enrique Gonce as Mozabu, the hunchback
Manuel Noriega as Dr. Monroy, hospital superintendant
Ruperto Batiz as Gonzalez
Carlos López as Detective Mendez, the gum-chewer
Victorio Blanco as The Beggar-Witness
Juan García as Gavilando

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