Preview Murder Mystery

USA 1936

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Hämndens Natt
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Directed by Robert Florey

It's a black night in Hollywood when matinee idol Neil DuBeck (Rod LaRoque) is murdered at the preview of his latest film. Director E. Gordon Smith (Ian Keith), who has long harbored a deep hatred for DuBeck, is the main suspect -- until he too is killed, along with a movie-studio watchman (Spencer Charters). Closing down the studio and refusing to let anyone leave, police lieutenant McKane (Thomas Jackson) sifts through the clues, but it's up to actors Johnny Morgan (Reginald Denny) and Peggy Madison (Frances Drake) to solve the mystery, applying a few tricks they've learned at the movies. Director Robert Florey enlivens Preview Murder Mystery with scores of delightful inside jokes, ranging from an elaborate takeoff of Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to a television camera which looks like a reconverted movie projector. Several Paramount contractees appear briefly in guest roles, while a host of silent screen favorites (Jack Mulhall, Bryant Washburn, Chester Conklin, Wilfrid Lucas et. al.) show up in nostalgic bit parts. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

a.k.a. Hämndens Natt

Reginald Denny as Johnny Morgan
Frances Drake as Peggy Madison
Gail Patrick as Claire Woodward
George Barbier as Jerome Hewitt
Ian Keith as E. Gordon Smith
Rod La Rocque as Neil DuBeck
Conway Tearle as Edwin Strange
Thomas E. Jackson as Lieutenant McKane
Jack Raymond as George Tyson
Colin Tapley as Studio Manager
Jack Mulhall as Jack Rawlins
Bryant Washburn as Carl Jennings
Franklyn Farnum as James Daley
Lee Shumway as Chief of Police
Spencer Charters as Watchman

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