Return of Doctor X, The

USA 1939

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The Return of Dr. X
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Directed by Vincent Sherman

New York newspaper reporter Walter Barnett finds himself out of a job after he claims to have found actress Angela Merrova dead in her apartment - only the next day she showed up alive and threatened to sue the paper. Determined to investigate he discovers her involvement with a strange doctor who is an expert on human blood. Barnett then finds a connection to a series of gruesome murders where the victims were all found drained of blood

a.k.a. The Return of Dr. X

Wayne Morris as Walter 'Wichita' Garrett (onscreen credit reads 'Walter Barnett')
Rosemary Lane as Joan Vance
Humphrey Bogart as Dr. Maurice Xavier, aka Marshall Quesne
Dennis Morgan as Dr. Mike Rhodes
John Litel as Dr. Francis Flegg
Lya Lys as Angela Merrova
Huntz Hall as Pinky
Charles C. Wilson as Detective Roy Kincaid (as Charles Wilson)
Vera Lewis as Miss Sweetman
Howard C. Hickman as Chairman (scenes deleted) (as Howard Hickman)
Olin Howland as Undertaker
Arthur Aylesworth as Guide (scenes deleted)
Cliff Saum as Detective Sgt. Moran
Creighton Hale as Hotel Manager
John Ridgely as Stanley Rodgers

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