Spooks Run Wild

USA 1941

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East Side Kids - Spooks Run Wild / Ghosts in the Night
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Directed by Phil Rosen

The boys are sent to a mountain camp. Stranded in a small rural town, they hear about a monster killer roaming the countryside. At night, they sneak out. Peewee is shot by a grave-digger, and they are forced to seek aid at an old mansion. The owner of the mansion (Lugosi), insists that the boys spend the night. After seeing PeeWee walk around the house in a trance, the boys decide that the man turned him into a zombie. They gang up on him and tie him up. The nurse at the boys camp (Dorothy Short) sets out to find the missing boys with Von Grosch (Dennis Moore), who has come to rid the town of the killer- or has he?

a.k.a. East Side Kids - Spooks Run Wild / Ghosts in the Night

Bela Lugosi as Nardo
Leo Gorcey as Muggs
Bobby Jordan as Danny
Huntz Hall as Glimpy
Ernest Morrison as Scruno (as Sunshine Sammy Morrison)
Dave O'Brien as Jeff Dixon (as David O'Brien)
Dorothy Short as Linda Mason
David Gorcey as Peewee
Donald Haines as Skinny
Dennis Moore as Dr. Von Grosch
P.J. Kelly as Lem Harvey (as P.J. Kelley)
Angelo Rossitto as Luigi
Guy Wilkerson as Constable Jim

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