Valley of the Zombies

USA 1946

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El Ataque de los Sombies
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Directed by Philip Ford

Dr. Maynard tells Dr. Terry Evans and his nurse, Susan Drake, about the theft of ten pints of blood from his lab. Later, he is visited by Ormand Murks, a man Maynard had once had committed to an insane asylum and who later died from an operation. Maynard learns that Murks is an example of living death whose abnormality is counteracted only by blood. The doctor soon becomes Murk's unwilling blood donor

a.k.a. El Ataque de los Sombies

Robert Livingston as Dr. Terrance 'Terry' Evans
Lorna Gray as Nurse Susan Drake (as Adrian Booth)
Ian Keith as Ormond Murks
Thomas E. Jackson as Detective Blair (as Thomas Jackson)
Charles Trowbridge as Dr. Rufus Maynard
Earle Hodgins as Fred Mays (Fred Murks)
LeRoy Mason as Detective Hendricks
William Haade as Police Officer 'Tiny'
Wilton Graff as Dr. Lucifer Garland
Charles Cane as Inspector Ryan
Russ Clark as Lacy
Chuck Hamilton as The Driver (as Charles Hamilton)
Wheaton Chambers as The Coroner

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