It! The Terror from Beyond Space

USA 1958

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The Vampire from Beyond Space / The Terror from Beyond Space
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Directed by Edward L. Cahn

In 1973, the first manned expedition to Mars is marooned; by the time a rescue mission arrives, there is only one survivor: the leader, Col. Edward Carruthers, who appears to have murdered the others! According to Carruthers, an unknown life form killed his comrades during a sandstorm. But the skeptical rescuers little suspect that it has stowed away for the voyage back to Earth

a.k.a. The Vampire from Beyond Space / The Terror from Beyond Space

Marshall Thompson as Col. Edward Carruthers
Shirley Patterson as Ann Anderson (as Shawn Smith)
Kim Spalding as Col. Van Heusen
Ann Doran as Dr. Mary Royce
Dabbs Greer as Eric Royce
Paul Langton as Lt. James Calder
Robert Bice as Maj. John Purdue
Richard Benedict as Bob Finelli
Richard Hervey as Gino Finelli
Thom Carney as Joe Keinholz
Ray Corrigan as It

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