Maldición de Nostradamus, La

Mexico 1959

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The Curse of Nostradamus
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Directed by Federico Curiel

An aristocratic vampire swears an oath to kill the enemies who killed his father. In order to terrify them even further, he warns each one when he is coming for them. Originally made in three episodes: El dedo del destino (aka: The Finger of Destiny), El libro de los siglos (aka: The Book of the Centuries), and Las víctimas de la noche (aka: The Victims of the Night). Was later released to English audiences as a 4-part movie series, The Curse Of Nostradamus, The Monster Demolisher, The Genie Of Darkness and The Blood Of Nostradamus

a.k.a. The Curse of Nostradamus

Germán Robles as Nostradamus
Domingo Soler as Professor
Julio Alemán as Antonio
Aurora Alvarado as Anna
Manuel Vergara 'Manver' as Leo
Jack Taylor as Igor (as Grek Martin)
Carlos Ancira
Luis Aragón
Roberto Aroya
Carlos Becerril
Guillermo Bravo Sosa
Ramón Bugarini
Manuel Casanueva
Mario Cid (as Mário Chávez)
Enrique Couto
Fernando Curiel
Gayo Dante
Eric del Castillo
Cora Del Rey
Manuel Dondé
Rosario Dúrcal
Rafael Estrada
Carlos Hennings
Rogelio 'Frijolitos' Jiménez Pons
José Loza
Alejandra Meyer
Celia Monzano
Magda Monzón
Patricia de Morelos
Carlos Nieto
Antonio Raxel
Harapos Guillermo Rivas
Reynaldo Rivera
Fanny Schiller
Amado Sumaya
Rina Valdarno

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