Little Shop of Horrors, The

USA 1960

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The Passionate People Eater
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Directed by Roger Corman

Seymour is a young man who works in a flower store. He manages to create a carnivorous plant that feeds on human flesh. Nobody knows about it, so Seymour and the plant become good friends. The plant needs food to grow up, so it convinces him to start killing people

a.k.a. The Passionate People Eater

Jonathan Haze as Seymour Krelboyne
Jackie Joseph as Audrey Fulquard
Mel Welles as Gravis Mushnik
Dick Miller as Burson Fouch
Myrtle Vail as Winifred Krelboyne
Tammy Windsor as Teenage girl
Toby Michaels as Teenage girl
Leola Wendorff as Siddie Shiva
Lynn Storey as Mrs. Hortense Feuchtwanger (Society of Silent Flower Observers of Southern California)
Wally Campo as Det. Sgt .Joe Fink/Narrator
Jack Warford as Det. Frank Stoolie
Meri Welles as Leonora Clyde (as Merri Welles)
John Herman Shaner as Dr. Phoebus Farb (as John Shaner)
Jack Nicholson as Wilbur Force
Dodie Drake as Waitress

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