Caperucita y Pulgarcito contra los monstruos

Mexico 1962

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Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood vs. The Monsters
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Directed by Roberto Rodríguez

a.k.a. Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood vs. The Monsters

María Gracia as Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood)
Cesáreo Quezadas 'Pulgarcito' as Pulgarcito (Tom Thumb) (as Cesareo Quezadas)
José Elías Moreno as El Ogro
Manuel 'Loco' Valdés as El Lobo
Santanón as El Zorillo (as El Enano Santanon)
Ofelia Guilmáin as La Reina Bruja
Armando Gutiérrez
Miguel Inclán hijo (as Miguel Inclan Jr.)
Alfredo de Soto
Elvira Lodi
Magda Donato
Quintín Bulnes as El Vampiro
Elba Eugenia Migoni
Manuel Vergara 'Manver' (as Manuel Vergara 'Mamber')
Humberto Dupeyrón

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