Cholpon-Utrennyaya Zvezda

Soviet Union 1962

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Morning Star / Cholpon
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Directed by Roman Tikhomirov

Filmed ballet. Some shocking partially nude footage is a minor part of this excellent exotic ballet costume drama by Roman Tikhomirov. The story itself is about an innocent, good-hearted young woman named Cholpon (R. Chokoeva) who has been turned into a wicked witch with one wave from a magic wand. The evil witch is a vampire (B. Beishenova) who has taken over the young woman's body and in that form, she seduces a local prince (U. Sarbasgev) with purely villainous intentions. With character names like Temir Khan (the king) and Nurdin (the prince), it is clear the story has a Central Asian setting and it is danced by the Kirghizian Ballet Corps. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

a.k.a. Morning Star / Cholpon


Reina Chokoyeva as Cholpon
Uran Sarbagishev as Nurdfin
Nicolay Tugelev as Temir Khan
Bibisara Beishenova as Ai-Dai
S. Abduzhalilov as Genie

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