Mostro dell'Opera, Il

Italy 1964

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Il Vampiro dell'Opera / Vampire of the Opera / The Monster of the Opera
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Directed by Renato Polselli

A troupe arrive in a disused French opera house, the young soprano Christine follows a strange man known as The Phantom to the basement... Some days later she returns, beautiful then ever, with a much better voice, causing jealousy to the diva - Carlotta

a.k.a. Il Vampiro dell'Opera / Vampire of the Opera / The Monster of the Opera

Marco Mariani as Sandro (as Marc Marian)
Giuseppe Addobbati (as John McDouglas)
Barbara Howard as Giulia
Alberto Archetti as Achille (as Albert Archett)
Carla Cavalli as Aurora
Aldo Nicodemi as Stefano (as Boris Notarenko)
Jody Excell as Yvette
Milena Vukotic as Carlotta
Gaby Black
George Arms
Romy von Simon
Erich Schonbrunner
Christine Martin
Maureen Verrich
Olga Jala

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