Sei Donne per l'Assassino

Italy 1964

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Blood and Black Lace
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Directed by Mario Bava

Italian thriller about a shadowy killer in black murdering fashion models through brutal methods

a.k.a. Blood and Black Lace

Cameron Mitchell as Max Marian
Eva Bartok as Contessa Cristina Como
Thomas Reiner as Inspector Silvester
Ariana Gorini as Nicole
Dante DiPaolo as Frank Sacalo
Mary Arden as Peggy Peyton
Franco Ressel as Marquis Richard Morell
Claude Dantes as Tao-Li
Luciano Pigozzi as Cesar Losarre
Lea Lander as Greta (as Lea Krugher)
Massimo Righi as Marco
Francesca Ungaro as Isabella
Giuliano Raffaelli as Zanchin
Harriet Medin as Clarice (as Harriet White Medin)
Mary Carmen as Model (as Mara Carmosino)

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