Luchadoras Contra la Momia, Las

Mexico 1964

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Rock 'N Roll Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy / Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy
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Directed by René Cardona

Deep in the heart of Mexico, archaeologists are being abducted and killed by the wicked Black Dragon and his all-oriental gang. The missing men were all members of a scientific party which had earlier entered an ancient tomb, and the Dragon is after something they had found there

a.k.a. Rock 'N Roll Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy / Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy

Lorena Velázquez as Gloria Venus
Armando Silvestre as Armando Rios
Elizabeth Campbell as Golden Rubi
María Eugenia San Martín as Chela (as Ma. Eugenia Sn. Martin)
Chucho Salinas as Chucho Gomez
Ramón Bugarini as Prince Fujiyata
Víctor Velázquez as Dr. Luis Trelles
Tona La Tapatia (as Toña `La Tapatia')
Irma Gonzales
Chabela Romero as Wrestler
Martha 'Güera' Solís (as Martha Solis)
Magdalina Caballero (as Magdalena Caballero)
Jesús Murcielago Velázquez as Mao (as Murcielago Velasquez)
Mishima Ota
Uroki Sito

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