Hand of Night, The

UK 1966

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Beast of Morocco / La Mano de la Noche
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Directed by Frederic Goode

A handsome tourist travelling through the desert comes at night upon a lavish Moorish castle wherein he is entertained by a mysterious wealthy woman. He departs and returns in the morning to find the place has vanished. His inquiries only bring fear and hostility from the local villagers. He gradually finds himself lured into a deadly and sinister mystery.

a.k.a. Beast of Morocco / La Mano de la Noche

William Sylvester as Paul Carver
Diane Clare as Chantal
Aliza Gur as Marisa
Edward Underdown as Gunther
Terence de Marney as Omar
William Dexter as Leclerc
Sylvia Marriott as Mrs. Petty
Avril Sadler as Mrs. Carver
Angela Lovell as Air Hostess
Maria Hallowi as Nurse

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