Sorella di Satana, La

UK 1966

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Il Lago di Satana / Revenge of the Blood Beast / Satan's Sister / Sister of Satan / The She-Beast
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Directed by Michael Reeves

The villagers of Vaubrac, Transylvania are cursed by the witch Vardella until they drive a spike through her chest and drown -- but not before she curses them and their descendants. Flash-forward 200 years later: English newlyweds Veronica and Philip suffer a tragic accident while on their honeymoon in Vaubrac, killing Veronica. However Dr. Von Helsing insists that her body is of the centuries old witch Vardella, who has somehow stolen Veronica's spirit. Helsing decides to bring the body back to life in order to exorcise her!

a.k.a. Il Lago di Satana / Revenge of the Blood Beast / Satan's Sister / Sister of Satan / The She-Beast

Barbara Steele as Veronica
John Karlsen as Count von Helsing
Ian Ogilvy as Philip
Mel Welles as Ladislav Groper
Jay Riley as Police Lieutenant
Richard Watson as Truck Driver
Edward B. Randolph as Man on Scooter (as Ed Randolph)
Peter Grippe as Policeman
Lucretia Love as Groper's Niece (as Lucrezia Love)
Tony Antonelli as Policeman
Kevin Welles as Boy in Flashback
Woody Welles as Boy at Cockfight

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