Billy the Kid versus Dracula

USA 1966

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Billy the Kid versus Dracula
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Directed by William Beaudine

a.k.a. Billy the Kid versus Dracula

John Carradine as Count Dracula
Chuck Courtney as William 'Billy the Kid' Bonney
Melinda Plowman as Elizabeth (Betty) Bentley
Virginia Christine as Eva Oster
Walter Janovitz as Franz Oster
Bing Russell as Dan 'Red' Thorpe
Olive Carey as Dr. Henrietta Hull
Roy Barcroft as Sheriff Griffin
Hannie Landman as Lisa Oster
Richard Reeves as Pete (saloonkeeper)
Marjorie Bennett as Mary Ann Bentley
William Forrest as James Underhill
George Cisar as Joe Flake
Harry Carey Jr. as Ben Dooley (wagonmaster)
Leonard P. Geer as Yancy (as Lennie Geer)

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