Devil's Mistress, The

USA 1966

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Devil's Mistress, The
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Directed by Orville Wanzer

Frank (Gregory) and his posse of buddies are cowboys of the Old West, living by their wits and making their own rules. On a journey through Apache country, they come across a cabin in the empty desert. Inside they find an old man, and a younger, mute woman named Athaliah (Stapelton). The old man opens his home to the cowboys, offering them food and drink. They return his kindness by killing him, then raping and kidnapping his woman. That's when things start to go very bad for the cowboys

a.k.a. Devil's Mistress, The

Joan Stapleton as Athaliah
Robert Gregory as Frank
Forrest Westmoreland as Charlie
Douglas Warren as Joe
Oren Williams as Will
Arthur Resley as Jeroboam
Wes Moreland

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