Sangre de Vírgenes

Argentina 1967

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Blood of the Virgins
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Directed by Emilio Vieyra

On Ofelia and Eduardo's wedding night, Ofelia's lover Gustavo shows up in their room, murders Eduardo, and proceeds to turn Ofelia into a vampire, so they can be together forever. Fast-forward to the present day: a group of young men and women take shelter in an abandoned lodge after their van breaks down. As members of the party slowly go missing, it is up to the remainder to find what happened to them

a.k.a. Blood of the Virgins

Ricardo Bauleo as Tito Ledesma
Susana Beltrán as Ofelia
Gloria Prat as Laura
Walter Kliche as Gustavo
Rolo Puente as Raúl Aguilar
Emilio Vieyra as Comisario Martinez
Mariela Albano
Graciela Mancuso
Justin Martin
Marta Peirano
Orestes Trucco as Man of group with beard

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