Viol du Vampire, Le

France 1967

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Queen of the Vampires / La Reine des Vampires / The Rape of the Vampire / Vampire Women / Les Femmes Vampires
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Directed by Jean Rollin

Cult director Jean Rollin's first feature mixes existentialism and vampirism with the added ingredient of chaos. Originally made as a short, it was expanded to feature length with the dead cast inexplicably returning to life half-way through (having been killed off at the end of the original). That said, Le Viol du Vampire is a masterpiece of the bizarre, mixing blood, a naked woman in a convertible, coffins and some fencing, semi-naked nymphs in a fragmented melee

a.k.a. Queen of the Vampires / La Reine des Vampires / The Rape of the Vampire / Vampire Women / Les Femmes Vampires

Jean Aron
Alain Yves Beaujour
Jean-Denis Bonan
Don Burhans
Mei Chen
Catherine Deville
Philippe Druillet
Barbara Girard
Louise Horn
Yolande Leclerc
Bernard Letrou
Olivier Martin
Annie Merlin
Doc Moyle
Ursule Pauly
Marquis Polho
Edith Ponceau-Lardie
Solange Pradel
Nicole Romain
Ariane Sapriel
Jacqueline Sieger as Queen of the Vampires
Eric Yan

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