Barón Brakola, El

Mexico 1967

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Santo Contra El Baron Brakula / Santo vs. Baron Brakula
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Directed by José Díaz Morales

Baron Brákola emerges from his coffin, in a hidden chamber in the musty dungeon of an old house. He goes into another chamber, finding a coffin containing a pile of rags and a wooden stake: these are the remains of his long-lost love, Rebeca, who was killed in 1765 by an ancestor of Santo. Brákola swears vengeance on all who participated in her death

a.k.a. Santo Contra El Baron Brakula / Santo vs. Baron Brakula

Santo as Santo
Fernando Osés as Baron Brákola
Mercedes Carreño as Silvia
Antonio de Hud as Eduardo
Andrea Palma as Rebeca's mother
Ada Carrasco as Aurora
Susana Robles as Rebeca
Miguel Macía as Don Fernando
Manuel Arvide as Don Luis
Rosa Vinay
Jorge Fegán as Servant
Cesar Gay
Enrique Ramírez
Jorge Mateos
Roberto Porter

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